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A few months ago a question was posed to subscribers of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) mail list, requesting information regarding what website building procedures and which web hosting companies the various members used.

I answered the person directly, but in review I thought perhaps this information might be of interest to our regular Blog viewers.
Here is my description:

“For what it is worth here is what I did.

A half dozen or so years ago I started a website for NYS research and it was hosted by It was very easy to put up because they had canned templates and all you had to do was type in the basic data. However after a couple of years I wanted more, bigger, better, faster, etc.

So I shopped around and was very fortunate to find a small company over near Ithaca, NY., s-go consulting, operated by Steve Gorney and a handful of other geniuses. I can’t say enough good about this team. They have been with me through all of the various iterations that I kept changing before I finally arrived at just exactly what I wanted.

They built the website with Joomla! which is an open source programming language that I am required to know absolutely NOTHING about! They do it all. Tell them what you want and it gets done, exactly the way you want.

They also gave me enough hand holding training so that I am now able to make minor modifications and it is very easy to add new data. However, if I have any questions they are right there.

It costs a couple of thousand or so, to build it to a custom design, but worth every penny. They give you a very generous bandwidth allotment and they are instantly responsive to any problems.

This commercial will not benefit me in any way, but it sure will benefit you if you decide to go with .

I don’t have any personal pages, but I do have a couple of Blogs that you can link to from my website.

Hope this helps.”

Dick Hillenbrand – Upstate New York Genealogy –

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