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Just Can’t Say THANKS Enough!

Brrr… It’s cold, snowy, freezing rain, and windy here in Upstate New York. My how we Love it so!

Looking ahead and making plans for our website and Blog for 2008, it comes to mind that we have many others to thank for our burgeoning success. (Our readership has multiplied many hundreds of times since a year ago!)

If you have enjoyed some of our tales and exciting finds, then you will no doubt appreciate reading what our friends and other genealogy authors have to say as well.

Here are a few of our “Must Reads,” (and now some podcasts too,) that we visit often and appreciate so much. (In no particular order.)

Dick “Eastman’s On-line Genealogy Newsletter” and Blog at Dick has his finger on the button when it comes to the latest and greatest in Genealogy.

Leland Meitzler is the editor of the Blog for the “Everton Publishing Company,” at Leland’s experience and knowledge is so very valuable.

George Morgan and Drew Smith are “The Genealogy Guys.” At A weekly podcast that rates right up there with peanut butter and sliced bread.

Michael John Neill of “RootDig,” at Will keep you up to date with what is new at “Ancestry,” and much more.

Joe B. publishes an excellent list of data sites titled “Genealogy Roots Newsletter,” at

Kimberly Powell of “GenealogyAbout,” brings new and exciting finds to your screen constantly!

“Dear Myrtle” was an early adopter in this Newsletter and Blogging business from the get go.

“CousinConnect” publishes “Genealogy and How” at You want names? You want Links? You can’t handle them all!

Renee Zamora enlightens us constantly with excellent research news.

Lisa L. Cooke of “GenealogyGems.” Lisa has a Blog, a newsletter, a book, a podcast, and now a vidcast too. She just is not busy enough. You can find all of her links and interesting finds at

Oh, yes and my favorite of all: (Sound familiar yet?)

I’m sure that I have many more that I visit often, and will be telling you about all of them in another Blog.

Dick Hillenbrand – Upstate New York Genealogy –

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