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Onondaga County Public Library is Asking for your Help

The Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL) Local History/Genealogy Department is in need of a new microfilm reader printer, and they have the opportunity to secure a grant of $8,500 from the Central New York Community Foundation who very generously makes $8,500 available annually to a worthy local area organization or project.

How can you help?

Very easy, just VOTE for OCPL on the page shown here:

*** Special Note!  The link above only takes you to the site.  It is not the actual vote.  After you sign in with your email address you then have to select “Onondaga County Public Library” from the list of candidates to place your VOTE! ***

Starting today September 1st, you may VOTE and each and every day in September you may vote again, once per day max.

There are many groups and agencies competing for the funds so if you really care about our beautiful Local History/Genealogy department I urge you to vote, and vote often!

You do not have to be a local resident to show your support and I would urge all you out of towners and out of staters to VOTE also, because with this new technology the staff will be able to make the highest quality scans and copies to send to you from your queries for research assistance from  OCPL.

Here is the email that OCPL sent out:

30 Days Has September

At some time in the past few years, you have contacted the Local History and Genealogy Department at the Onondaga County Public Library asking for our assistance. Now its time for us to ask for YOUR assistance.

We are in the running for an $8500 grant to purchase a new microfilm scanner/reader/printer. If you’ve used our current microfilm equipment or been through the tedious process of asking us to send you a copy from microfilm – such as an obituary – you know how desperate we are for new technology.

This grant is offered from the Central New York Community Foundation and awarded through a voting process; the project receiving the most VOTES will win the $8500.

We need you to vote. You can vote every day in September. We are counting on you to help us out.

To vote go here:

Vote today and each day you can in September and help us help you be better researchers. 30 days has September….

Local History/Genealogy
Onondaga County Public Library
447 So. Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13202
Instagram: LHG_OCPL


ps: please forward this to your friends and fellow genealogists and genealogical societies.

Dick Hillenbrand




How to Get the Most Out of the Upstate New York Genealogy Blog: It’s all Free You Know!

Been doing a little housekeeping with the blog here the past couple of days and decided to write this “How To” blog post about how to get the most out of the UNYG Blog.

Some of you know that I have been doing genealogy research for a great many years, like since the 1960′s.  When the internet came along it was a natural way to share things that I discovered with others and in one way or other I have been publishing on the internet before there was a Wild Wild Web (www).

So when I finally decided on a blog I used Google’s Blogger blog format for several years.  Then I had a professional website developer desgin and build my primary website that you see at and about a year or so ago I migrated all of the older blogger articles over to this new site which was just an extension of the main website so it is easier to locate as this blog is just the same as the main site with the blog extension, so:

All well and good, but what I did not consider was that all of the old links in the earlier blogger version still went to the old spots.  well today we are starting to fix that.

One thing that you will see different today is that there is a new box over on the right that contains the direct links to our most popular blog post articles regarding New York State Vital Records.  this was released in a series of three articles, the last two being updates.  Rather than me re-writing everything, just please remember to read all three of the articles.  The Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL) in Syracuse has very generously volunteered to do free vital records index lookups for you by mail, phone or email.  Make sure to read the articles first for details.

Going down on the right hand side there are ways to subscribe to these blog posts.

Next is a listing of our “Most Recent Posts”.

Then there is a “Search Box” to search for words or phrases in this blog.

Then a way to group previous articles by “Categories”.

And finally, a way to see the “Most Recent Comments”.

Please, we encourage all readers to leave comments.  It gives us ideas and direction for future posts.  We do take requests, and you must admit, The Price is Right!

Vital Records Lookups, Update to the Update

This morning the Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL) sent a request that I post some additional information regarding their offer to do Free Lookups.

“OCPL will do limited lookups – a 5-year span on births, deaths and marriages. Questions are answered in order and often may take several days. Please be aware that many fiche are difficult to read, and while staff tries to be as accurate as possible any information stated is as it appears.

The index begins in 1880 and while NY State passed a law that year requiring the filing of these records, they still weren’t uniformly or consistently filed until well into the 1900′s. For more information about the index and what it covers:

Read the first article in this series by going to this link:  How to obtain copies of Vital Records for Genealogical Purposes in Upstate New York.

Read the second article in this series by going to this link:  New York State Vital Records Microfiche Indexes Update

Visit our main website at

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New York State Vital Records Microfiche Indexes Update

Update to New York State Vital Records Microfiche Indexes. — Free Look Ups!

The recent posting that we put up on this Blog, “How to Obtain Copies of Vital Records for Genealogical Purposes in New York State,” has created quite a buzz. Now we have some very good news for you distant researchers!

The Local History/Genealogy Department of the Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL) in Syracuse has one of the eight sets of the microfiche indexes to Births, Deaths and Marriages, that cover the largest part of Upstate New York.

Librarian, Holly Sammons, at OCPL has made the offer to do the actual look-ups for distant patrons. This is just one of the marvelous services that this most excellent facility has to offer.

That is just about the best news ever for people that live in areas that do not have a set of these Vital Records microfiche available. My personal thoughts are that patrons should respect this extremely generous offer and to not inundate the staff all at once with requests.

Holly said that they will be happy to chat with patrons by telephone, through email or will even take requests by U.S. Mail. You should check out their excellent website also which gives additional information about their collections and services.

Holly Sammons, Librarian
Onondaga County Public Library
Local History/Genealogy
447 So Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

OCPL website:

OCPL email address:

Holly just sent this additional information just before I posted this Blog, so please heed the following instructions: “Just one caveat, we can’t do open ended searches like – my great grandmother died sometime after 1900 can you find her death! Some parameters are good and necessary. We used to do a limit of a 5-year search, just to keep things from getting out of hand. There’s a fine line between a look up and doing in-depth research!”

Read our previous post about how to obtain vital records certificate copies for genealogy HERE:

Researchers might want to check with the other libraries and holders of this collection around the state to see if they offer the same service.

Thank you OCPL, from Upstate New York Genealogy Blog.

Visit our main website at

Read the original message on this subject here: “How to Obtain Copies of Vital Records.”

Read the third message on this subject here: “Update to the Update to How to Obtain Copies of Vital Records.”

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Bien Atlas of New York State 1895 –

Dear Readers, Let me call your attention to an Atlas of New York State that I feel is perhaps not as well known as the various County Atlases that we use so often.

“Atlas of the State of New York,” [by] Joseph R. BIEN, E.M., Civil and Topographical Engineer, from the Original Surveys and Various Local Surveys Revised and Corrected, based on the Triangulations of the U.S Coast and Geodetic Survey, U.S. Lake Survey, and the N.Y. State Survey. – Published by Julius Bien & Company, New York – 1895.

This a large folio heavy atlas. The maps are either single leaves or in some cases two leaves opened together to display a very large map. The lithographed maps have a pleasant beige color scheme and all land divisions and items of interest are very well defined.

Here are some of the features that I think are extremely useful. When you are working with deeds and land records, no matter if in olden days or modern, you will find references to the original land divisions and patents or tracts from the time that the land was first surveyed and divided. Those descriptions carry down even to today’s land records.

This atlas goes into great detail about these land divisions. In the colonial times the Crown of England granted rights to the Colonial Governors of New York to issue Letters Patent for a myriad set of reasons and circumstances. Individuals, or groups of individuals could apply to the governor for huge chunks of free land, or perhaps the lands were awarded for service in the French and Indian Wars, or merely as political favors. Whatever the case, these Patents were given a name and property borderline descriptions were defined.

Bien’s Atlas has a double page map of the whole state on folio page 3, that shows all of these Patents and Tracts outlined in red and in relation to each other. There is also a columnar list on the right hand side of the map that names and numbers these 226 parcels. In the north-east you will note where some of the colonial New York grants and patents extend over into what is now Vermont, and you will start to understand why the border wars known as The New Hampshire Grants occurred.

Then once you have seen the tract of interest and get an idea for where it lies, you can then go to the county map needed to study this area even closer. Pay particular attention to the little red numbers. Not every lot has a red number but if you count in between you will determine the correct lot number for your parcel. These are the Lot numbers for that particular land division, and they are the same today as they were when first divided. It is very important to be able to place your ancestors in a physical location!

Some of the counties have their own individual map sheet but most of them have two or more counties on one map. In either case they still display excellent information.

My first discovery of this lovely atlas was about twenty or so years ago at the Syracuse University Library (SU,) in the open stacks. The copy that SU owns has now been separated into individual leaves and they have been cleaned and encapsulated in mylar and are very handy to use or to make photocopies from. I used to travel there often to use it.

In the past few months the Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL,) has hung an individual framed sheet of the Onondaga County Map from this atlas, and after I pointed out some of my favorite features of this map, one of the librarians rummaged through the back room compact shelving and came up with the full book in all its glory! So I went right to the card catalog and guess what? They had it all along! Check the card catalog boys and girls. Incidentally, the framed individual plate that they hung on the wall is not out of this particular complete book, but an extra map that someone donated years ago.

Now along comes the Internet. I have written about the David Rumsey Collection before but lets go over it again. has a gigantic collection of gorgeous old maps from all places and eras that they have digitized and have made available for free access on the Internet, all in living color!

You will LOVE this site! It has some annoying features that my AADD syndrome does not particularly enjoy, but all of the waiting is definitely worth the cost. You will need a high speed connection, very high speed is better, and then be patient. These maps are extremely detailed and to be able to enlarge and pan the full maps takes a lot of bandwidth and processing. Their imaging process is through lumaimaging and the results are superb!

Once you have seen the section you need and are through oohing and aahhhing, then you can use your screen capture of choice to select all or parts of the maps to download or print from your own computer. Can it get any better?

I hate to mention any specific software because every time I do I get answers back from readers, “oh yeah, but THIS program is better.”
Yes, I know…

So I’ll tell you what I use anyway. First of all I presume everyone in the world uses WINDOWS. “What about MAC or LINUX?” I have absolutely NO idea! The program I use to capture screen images with, is a little freeware program that you can Google and find quite easily, it is called MWSnap. It runs in the background and when you call it up it goes in your toolbar. When you have an image, of any kind, that you want to capture, then you click on MWSnap, and either print/save the whole screen or you can mask and clip just the parts that you want.

Incidentally, this feature works on ALL kinds of documents, data, images, whatever is on your screen can be captured and saved the same way. If it is on your screen you can capture it. So if you have any proprietary software that won’t let you download or print from their operating screens… Well you get the idea.

Here is a link to the Bien’s Atlas:

Here is a link to describe the collection:

Now when you get a minute, or an hour, or a day, or the rest of your life, keep checking around to see what else they offer. Drool.

Dick Hillenbrand – Upstate New York Genealogy –

Ancient Baldwinsville High School Yearbooks Donated

A fabulous archive of old high school yearbooks dating from 1870 to 1926 from Baldwinsville, New York, has been donated to the Local History / Genealogy Department of the Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL.)

This collection was accumulated by aunts and relatives of Dave Rowell, and he very generously has now made them available to the public through OCPL. You will note that many of the girls’ names have their maiden names and then their married names in brackets.

These are fabulous tools for researchers in this area. Baldwinsville is one of those New York villages that a river runs through the middle of, so everything north of the river is in the Town of Lysander, and everything south is the Town of Van Buren. Most of these people would logically be from those two towns, with some probable exceptions.

OCPL also maintains another rare archive of genealogical materials on the Baldwinsville area, in that they hold the lifelong collection of Miss Lesley E. Voorhees (Class of 1889,) who researched all of her family, friends, neighbors and just about everyone that ever lived in the towns of Lysander and Van Buren. Miss Voorhees lived to almost a hundred years and her whole collection was donated to the OCPL. There is a finding aid and several indexes to the collection. Ask one of the librarians for guidance.

The following is Dave Rowell’s index to the Yearbook Collection, (published with permission):



1870 to 1926

Including the 1925 and 1926 Teacher’s Training Classes

Transcribed by David O. Rowell – August 2007

From sources noted

Names in this listing shown in ( ) are married names as in the original sources.

Names shown in [ ] are married names added by the original owner of the source.

These original sources should be consulted as they contain a wealth of biographical information on many individuals. The original owner’s notes give spouses maiden names for many of the women.

Source: Baldwinsville Academy and Union

School – 1888/1889 Handbook


Martha Curtis (Mrs W S Names)

Margaret Goble (Mrs A H Marks)

Frances Scoville (Mrs W A Fellows)

Martha Toll (Mrs Frank Reed)


Olivia Bigelow (Curtis)

Ella Lusk

Gertrude Tenney (Twining)

Etta Toll (Blakeley)


William P Clark

Virginia Frazee (Ranney)

George H Goble

Hattie Swetland (Mrs V N Yergin)

Gertrude Wetherby


Ella Boley (Mrs F E Bolton)

Carrie Clark (Kent)

Hattie Peet

Mary Toll ( Mrs C E Manning)


Eva Burdick (Kelly)

Peter Spillane


Emma Boley

Emma Dixon (Mrs Charles Meade)

Anna Kaulback (Wilson)


Virginia Beauchamp

Daniel Crum

Carrie Heald (Mrs Sidney Blanchard)

Kate McGann (McNamara)

Mary L Morris (Brenner)

Louise Morris (Hardy)

Joseph G Russell

Jessie Suydam (Mrs Gaylord P Clark)(Emens)

Belle Wallace (Perkins)

Anna Wells (Whitbeck)


Blair Frazee

Kate Grove (Mrs L E Fuller)

Will Pryne

Fred P Suydam

Lillian Swetland (Mrs O M Bigelow)

Fannie Wilkins


John C Adams

Clement C Baldwin

Frank Bentley

Rudolph Heald

Addison Pierce

Carrie Peet

Marion Sisco (Mrs I R McCabe)


Daniel Doody

Eugene Myers

Mima Quivey (Mrs J F Greene)


Ella Beauchamp

Nettie Dunham (Brock)

Lizzie Pedley (Manwarring)

Mary Pettit (Wilson)

May C Pryne

Ida Smith (Mrs Wm A Saddlemyer)

Maggie Tuger

Fannie West


Lizzie A Clary

Helen L Rindge

Sara B Russell ( Mrs Dwyer)

Bell B Swetland (Mrs Jas A Ward)

Lina Tappan (Culley)


William L Bryers

Elmer D Dixon

Maria E Driscoll (McCarthy)

Nellie C Donahue

Della H Fuller

Alice C Smith (Mrs Wm L Bryers)(Williams)

Lulu Suydam (Wilson)

William E Weed

Frank C Young


Jennie M Anderson (Dennie)(Bellows)

Howard C Beauchamp

Herman J Gorke

Lottie E Hax (Connell)

Louis D Sisco


Stella Crosby (Hinsdale)

Jessie A Frazee

Helen M Swetland (Gorke)

Julia B Wells (Gardner)


John H Cox

Mary E Donovan (Locke)

John F Donovan

E LeRoy Dow

May A Hotaling (Bigelow)(Morris)

Laverne W Haynes

C Lena Luckey (Lewis)

William R Smith

Ida B Stebbins

Charles M Shaw

Ida M Taggart (Mrs Philo Paige)


Agnes M Donovan (Cook)

Frank C Frazee

Earl H Hotaling

George W O’Brien

Hiram R Pettit

Harry E Reed

Jessie E Reed (Dean)

William H Shaw

Frederick A Tuerk


Walter H Betts

Agnes T Carroll

L Annetta Connell (Clark)

M Kathryn Drew (Frost)

Hattie M Dunham (Wandell)

Gertrude Ellison (Brooks)

Elizabeth V Gillmore (Koehler)

Mae L Marvin

Edgar L Morley

Payn B Parsons

John L Seager

Francis Tappan (Parker)

Susan E Todd

M Eliza Trapp (Sears)

Mary Wells

Source: Baldwinsville Academy and Union Free

Schools – 1926/1927 Handbook


Edward Cornell

Earl G Heaton

J Garry Hotaling

Charles W Marvin

Windsor F Morris

Mark M O’Dell

Carrie E Barnes (Seager)

Rosa M Brush (Maynard)

Mary E Dixon (Wheaton)

Hattie B Ham

Edith M Kelly (Fellows)

Agnes L Kenney (Belknap)

Jessie Malone

Norah Pedley

Lesley E Voorhees

Josie Wright


Clark A Nichols

Harry Secor

Harry D Weed

Blanche Clough (Fellows)

Gussie Start

Mable Toll (Heaton)


Grace Beauchamp (Lodder)

May L Bliss (Downer)

Jessie L Carr

Dewitt J Dunham

Frances R Fancher (Snoggles)

Harvey F Hawley

Dora McGonegal (Robinson)

George B Marvin

Harold M Monroe

Herbert Poole

Otis D Reed

Sophie Voorhees

Nellie Wells (Todd)


Byron E Failing

May E Gifford (Porter)

Hattie Tappan (Loveless)

Reba D Willard


Irving Gayetty

Joseph Gorham

Gaylord E Kittell

Grace Marvin (Smith)

Frank Nichols

Lizzie O’Brien (Foster)

William H Porter

Fannie Richardson (Decker)

Julia Smith (Russ)


Gertrude Allen (McIntyre)

Stella S Bouton (Fancher)

Edna M Clifton

Mamie L Connell (Sanborn)

Kate Eno (Taylor)

Mary L Fellows (Crego)

Anna Giddings

Theodore Gottry

N Isadore Haynes (Sinclair)

A Grove Hotaling

Fred S Howard

Daniel J Kelly

Ray E Knapp

Burt A Loveless

Nellie E Lynch (Carrington)

Edith J McGonegal (Stickle)

Charles McIntyre

Lillian M Maltby (Coons)

Cora J Orvis (O’Brien)

Marion E Poole (Cleverly)

Thomas H Reed

Patrick J Sloan

Charles W Snyder

Christine Stebbins

A Hyde Toll

Fannie Wilson (Larkin)

Maurice B Wright

Harris A Marks


Harry S Bliss

Addie M Carr

Wallace H Failing

William R Gorke

Tromas P Hayes

Miles S Hencle

Lottie M Huntoon

Jesse W Jones

Sarah A King (Jones)

Elizabeth Lonergan

Margaret Murphy

James Burr Odell

Kittie S Palmer (Morse)

Curtis E Parish

Lucella M Poole

Gail B Porter

Mariam B Scott

Robert C Scott

Bessie Jane Taylor (Parish)

Fannie B Voorhees (Chittenden)


Edna Louise Bisdee (Hawley)

Bertha Buck [Ferris]

Earl B Clark

H Bruce Failing

Frank C Hamill

George Hawley

Florence M Haynes (Hawley)

Altie A Kimberly

Gertrude Kittell

Earl R Kratzer

Lisle J Schenck

Emily M Wells (Secor)

Mary B Williams

Edna Wormuth (Moyer)

1897 – No Class


Otis M Bigelow Jr

Gertrude Connell

Harry Dunham

Albert H Huntington

Estella Jones (Griffith)

Richard Kratzer

Maytie Maloney

George Marks

Anna Marvin (Dunlap)

Elizabeth Munroe

Sewell Names

Gale Northrup

Ida May Taylor (Meays)

Hattie Thompson

Asahel Toll

Louise Toll

Martha Voorhees

Charles Wilcox

Ella Wilson (Rowell)


Charles E Cox

George H Fellows

Bessie J Fuget

Alice L Ketchum

Bessie E McCabe (Kratzer)

J Philo Monaghan

Grace Northrup [Hart]

Margaret Prosser [Bradley]

Jennie M Wood [Shogren]


Mabel Crum (Jones)

Harry Eno

Louise Fisher (Maider)

W Charles Fulmer

John T Gardner

Wava B Gifford

Gerald H Goodwin

Bernice A Kelly

Millie D Lee

Edith M Skinner

Hazel B Widrig (Wright)


Claude W Bellows

George R Harrington

Lucy Howe

N May Keller (Bentley)

Charles M Kirwan

R Lincold Kratzer

Clara M Lewis

William Maloney

Elva C Van Ness

Florence Van Patten

Arthur Virginia

J Kent Wright

Walter H Wright

Allen D Young


Eva M Adsit (Price)

M Louise Bigelow (Connell)

Helen L Blanchard (Bunker)

Ethel E Brown

Josephine C Clark

C Edith Hall

L Daphne Haynes (Bennett)

Lena B Hines (Davis)

Anna M Keller

J Leo Lonergan

Katherine L Names

Bessie M Nichols

William P Nichols

Dennis O’Loughlin

Bessie A Prine

Edna A Smith (Smith)

J Adelbert Sullivan

Maude M Wright


Lulu M Baker

Emma L Connell (Mack)

J Carl Connell

Lulu M Cox (Vanderveer)

Harry S Ellsworth

Myron S Melvin

William W Orvis

Alice E Potter (Ackerman)

George H Shaw

Hiram O VanTuyl

Albie M Verplank (Sotherden)

Ruth S Wetzel (Crego)


Lela Davis

J Whitlow DeLano

L Elizabeth Dow (Shaw)

Charles Gardner

Lois Harrington

Stuart Hosler

May Kelly

John Maloney

Alvira Parish

Beulah Prouty (Gossner)

Maude Sampson

Estella VanPatten


Ora Adsit (Crego)

Howard Crego

Lottie Dunham (Bradway)

Clara Failing (Rogers)

Agnes Guilfoyle

Lena Herder

Addie Howe (Moyer)

Rhea Kittell

Edna Marshall

Katherine Smith


Jessie Behling

Frances Connell (Gere)

Raymond Cox

Arthur Cramer

Rupert Giddings

Mabel Hamlin (Price)

Daisy House

Grace Huntington (Adsit)

Marjorie Little (Heineman)

Harold Lynch

Homer Marshall

Agnes McCarthy

Donald Munro

Harold Orr

Florence Pidge

Marguerite Porter

Bessie Shaver

Hawley Shaver

Joseph Sloan

Raymond Smith

Marcia Towne (Stewart)

Harry Woods


Lulu M Clute (Slauson)

Mary Ellison

Anna B Failing

Thomas C Flaherty

Mae E Forrest

Arthur M Hart

Florence Hart (Healey)

Florence A Kelly (Edwards)

Stephen G McCabe

Kathleen McCarthy

Gladys M Miller (Bigelow)

Lulu M Montague (Wells)

Charles O’Brien

Mary G Names (Fox)

Letha V Ryder

William E Wilson


Alta M Barnes (Preston)

D Riley DeLano

Frances E Forrest

Bessie M Hamlin

Lena M Hax (Ostrander)

Harriet Somers (Cox)

Gladys Whitcomb (North)


J Linus Beigel

Wallace Bigelow

Ethel V Bliss (Furbush)

Gladys M Brown

Curtis Carrington

Madelaine Doran (McManus)

Grant E Furbush

John J Gossner

Marguerite C Jones (Ellis)

Herbert A McCarthy

Ethel M Meech

A Evia Montague

Frances M Murphy

Leafa M Potter (Bell)

Erma M Powell

Bessie A Robinson (Evans)

Muriel H Russell (Rasbeck)

Elsie L Sager (Hamlin)

Agnes Belle Sawyer

Clarence W Slauson

Gertrude E Tappan (Gorke)

Margaret J Woods


Adelaide Barnes (Rettburg)

Marion Brooks (Marrifield)

Donald Brown

Stella Cox (Trexler)

Clinton Frawley

Margaret Hanley (Gozier)

George Haye

Olive Hines (Langham)

William B Kinslow

Jessie Kiley

Ruth Luke

Percy Mellor

Muriel Rice (Cornell)

Mark Russell

Bessie Shea (Pendergast)

Edith Slauson

Florence Somers (Haye)

Elsie Stewart (Boomer)

Ethel Tooley (Lockwood)

Ethel Trowbridge (Messenger)

Frances VanNess (Cramer)


Hilda M Beigel (Eddinger)

Edward L Bisdee Jr

S Wilda Ferris (LaGatlez)

Celia M Kinslow

Ellen Veronica McCarthy

Marguerite C O’Brien (Barkman)

Marcia E Ward

Lillian Frances Wiley (Upson)

Lenora Wormuth


Earl L Asselstine

Alta L Berney (Olney)

Olivia Bigelow

Mary Louise Donovan (Sawyer)

Angie May Ellison

Lillie May Gates (Bradt)

Archie D Hall

Edna Hotaling (Neville)

Ruth LeMonier (King)

Anna Agnes Lynch (Carrington)

Fairfax Montague

Earl A Russell

Frances Leslie Smith

S Agnes VanDenburg

Frank E Winchell


Almira L Becker (Ellis)

Irene M Behling (Davenport)

Marie Berrigan

Leon B Clark

Ella F Costello

Marie Elizabeth Costello

Lettie Crego (Dow)

Mamie A Dence (Alter)

Frances E Eggleston (Ellis)

Gladys Group (Sager)

Ruth Alice Kelly

Theresa Mae Lynch (Frisbie)

Grace L Mawhinney (Hall)

Catherine McNamara

Margaret L O’Brien

L Pearl Palmer

Neva Root

Mildred S Russell (King)

Ester W Slauson (Suites)

Frederica Smith

J Alfred Ward


E Marguerite Denny (Gradala)

Wilma L Bourlier (Hamlin)

R Lorenzo Cramer

Harlan S Gates

N Curtis Giddings

M Aileen Kane (Mitchell)

Mary E McCarthy (Ryan)

Homer S Reeves

Rufus Rogers

Marjorie A Stearns (Foster)

Nelson M Wells


Harry C Bitz

Bertha Campbell

Esther Clark (Aurer)

Victor Failing

Mildred Group (Norton)

Donald Moyer

Howard Nostrant

Florence Potter (Williams)

Josephine Powell

Cecil Reed

Esther VanDenburg

Hazel Youngs (Middlemore)


Hazel Aller (Vickery)

Doris Garrett (Kane)

Payne Bigelow

Edward Giddings

Esther Harrington (Schugg)

Olin Haydon

Frances E Johnson

Donald E Kane

Chauncey F Kingsley

Martha E LaGarry (Spencer)

Mary Louise Maloney

Catherine T Mangan

Catherine B McCarthy (Grieb)

Leo McCarthy

Avis O Mesick

Martha L Reeves (Irwin)

Vera Rober (Clark)

Frieda A Schnelke

Oleatha Schultz (VanDenburg)

Marjorie F Shea

M Alphonsus Sinnett

Marion C Slauson (Rossiter)

Grenville C Soule

Marjorie F Ulrich

Helen Vader

Donald VanDenburg

Helen Johnson (Addington)


Ralph Auyer

Jennie M Beebe

Wendell L Butler

Orlo S Clark

Robert K Coote

Donald Failing

Ruth M Garrett (White)

Mabel Johnson

Marcia King

Jennie Loucks

Cornelia Smith (Kenyon)

Flora Stevens (Titus)

Harry Taylor

Robert Tillotson

Hazel VanNess

Ruth White (Rowell)

Leila Widger (Chapman)

Arlow Woods


Nila E Baldwin (Reed)

Ernest Behling

John Cronin

Hazel Dykeman

Ida F Foster (Church)

Mary Belle Guess (Johnson)

Mary Katherine Kane

Emily A Kelly

Flossie M Smith (Reeves)

Helen B Smith (Lincoln)

Florence Stevens (Oswald)

Marjorie VanDoren (Upson)

Ruth Weller (Schenck)


Erwin Auyer

Isadore Clark (Kraken)

Mabel Dristle (Foster)

Alta Gates

Hazel Hatch (Hawley)

Lois Heaton

Fern Heselden

Arlene House (Adsit)

Gladys Humphreys

Winfred Jones

Margaret Klotz

Olive Lynch (Naylor)

Theresa A McCarthy

Helen M Meays (Ludlum)

Paul Palmer

James Reeves

Mary Roach

Hanna Sears [Rhodes]

Bernice Shea

Eva V Smith

Marion Smith

May Turner

Helen VanNamee

Mildred A Whaley

Mildred B Williams

Norma L Wormuth


Leo R Blanding

Julie Elizabeth Coote (Gray)

Frederick W Fuess Jr

Mary Louise Gardner [Depew]

Mayme A Taylor (Baker)

Herman H VanDerveer

Walter F McCarthy

Adell M Myers

Herbert Quackenbush

James L Sears

Anna W Thompson

Katherine V Wilson (Loveland)


Mildred Beebe

Flossie Freer (Park)

Clara McCarthy

Alada McHale

Olivia Moyer

Clemadine Reid (Roberts)

Mary Sears

Virginia Vosburgh [King]

Ruth Warren (Hyde)

Neil L Adsit

Edwin Deline

Claud Duffy


Mary Connor

Roy Delaney

Donnella Farrell [Town]

Marion Frawley (Loveless)

Vance Gates

Vera Gates

Esther Hahn

Winifred Hart

Mae Hencle [Goodfellow]

Lena Belle Loop (Law)

Ellen McDermott

Alice McDonald

Muriel Maxon

John Reid

Bernice Reeves (Foster)

Ethel Sochia

Clifford Tappan

Dorothy Virginia

Walter VanDenburg

Norma Wright [Stebbins]


Doris Blanding [Suddaby]

Frances Burns

Curtiss Butler

Morris Decker

Dorothy Eggleston (Church)

James Fuess

Beatrice Guernsey

Frederick Horner

Albert Johnson

Ardus Kratzer [Tappan]

Dorothy Kratzer [Rowell]

Laura Loveless

Mamietta Minnoe

Beatrice Myers

Virginia Oppleton

Bertha Patchett

Ethel Preston

Ilda Rice [Abbott]

Lloyd Schultz

Dorathy Smith

Russell Smith

Ellis Thompson

Alma Weeks


Homer J Abbott

Doris K Barney

J VanB. Coe

Anna L DeLyne

Helen M Garrett

Helen M Gates

James E Gifford

Sherman Gilmore

Harold G Green

Dorothy Guess

Maynard J Hencle

R(?)oswell J Horner

Marian L House (Hoyt)

Anna M Hurley

Edith E King

Harriet L Kratzer

Mildred M Kratzer

George D Lewis Jr

Mary Genenieve McCarthy

Frances L Mawhinney

A DeLaVergne Mills

Elizabeth R Odell

Thomas Reeder

Mary E Sinnett

Frances M Virgina

Lois Walton Warner (Haney)

Arthur F Weldon

Edna M Wheaton (Letterman)


Harvey O Banks

James F Belknap

Mildred E Blanchard

Leona L Bronson

Francis Carroll

Dorothy L Chapin

Carl E Clary

John F Cornell

Catherine J Cronin

Martha V Crook

Arthur Fellows

Kendall W Haydon

Charles T Heaton

Edith M Johnson

Mildred I Lory

R Clancy McNeil

J Kenneth Mawhinney

John R Miller

M Isabel Mills

Dorothea L Moss

Blanche Patchett

Vera M Rice

Bruce F Root

Doris E Root [Cooper]

Arthur Schaff

Lester T Schaff

Nellie A Taylor

Robert H Turner

G Margery VanWie

Harry A Voorhees


DeForrest Beers

Isabel T Bocchino

Stella E Brauksieck

Helen Brown

John S Clark

Alice Katherine Coe

Charles Hebblethwaite

Marion A Kittell

Herbert W Klein

J Charles Klotz

A Gertrude Maloney

Eleanor Mae Markham [Bunyea]

Edna Catherine Moyer

Madora Plaisted

Margaret W Smallwood

Ruth D Colling

Thomas G Comerford

Elma M DeLyne

Mary Agnes Farley

Nettie M Field

Adria R Gaylord [Shultz]

Ethelwyn M Smith

Lloyd J Southard

Wilhma D Taylor

Evelyn E Thompson

A Kenneth Tice

Theodore M Vader

E Louise VanDenburg [Pomeroy]

Evelyn Warner

R Sanford Weeks

Baldwinsville Teacher Training Class

reestablished in 1924


Kathryn Andrews [Crain]

Doris K Barney

Doris M Blanding [Suddaby]

Charlotte Booth [Bambury]

Genevieve Brown [Koonman]

Anna L DeLyne

Faustina A Dunn

Helen M Garrett [Jones]

Edith Hess [Barnard]

Sarah D Knox [Sayles]

Dorothy R Kratzer [Rowell]

Laura B Loveless [Michels]

M Genevieve McCarthy

Ellen McDermott

Elizabeth R Odell

Mary L Otts

Bernice L Reeves [Southard]

Catherine C Simon

Genevieve L Smith [Strobeck]

Florence Thompson [McDermott]

Frances M Virginia [McCarthy]

Edna Wise

Edna M Wheaton [Letterman]


Mildred E Blanchard

Dorothy L Chapin

Catherine J Cronin

Martha V Crook

Doris M Cummings

Winifred F Drohan

Carolyn M Emmons

Nettie M Field

Florence M Garrow

Ethel C Hamilton

Margaret R Heagle

Laura M Ladd

Mildred I Lory

E Margaret Munson

Blanche C Patchett

Myrtle A Potter

Mildred M Reeves

Vera M Rice

Mildred E Roa

Gladys M Roberts

Myra A Southard

Marjorie E Townsend


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