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General Patton Picked up a Souvenir in Berlin 1945: Finally it is in the National Archives

In 1945 General George S. Patton was on leave to visit family in California and he presented the Huntington Library with a set of documents that might have been the most important set of documents ever signed by the most evil man in the world, Adolph Hitler.

These documents were known as the Nuremberg Laws and were the actual documents that stripped all Jewish people of their rights as German citizens and opened the door for Hitler’s Holocaust atrocities.

Patton had been given orders to turn all such important documents over so they could be used in prosecution against the Nazi perpetrators, but for whatever reason Patton, perhaps the consummate souvenir hunter, decided to give them to the Huntington for safe keeping, perhaps to hold until he could return and decide later as to what to do with them.

Unfortunately General Patton was killed in an accident later that year, and the Huntington has had these for 60+ years.

Just recently the Nuremberg laws official proclamation was turned over to the U.S National Archives and Records Administration by the Huntington.

The video tells the story.

Thanks go to Dear Myrtle for the heads up.

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