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Madison County Records Found! Not Burnt by the Loomis Gang! – Florida Sanborn Maps On-line

Two excellent pieces of news for historians and genealogaholics!

From Charles Page, on the Madison County mail list, from an article in the “Oneida Press” newspaper. Some of the earliest Madison county records have been located in the dark corners of the court house. These records were thought to have been burned by the Loomis Gang in the old Morrisville courthouse fire!

The new county Historian, Mary Messere, located them and she and some volunteers are sorting through to see what has to be done to make them presentable.

So don’t give up hope folks, when you hear that all the records burnt! If I hear any more news on this story I will post it on this Blog site.

The second item of great interest, though not for New York State researchers, is that I was contacted by Mr. Traveler Wendell, who works for the Digital Library Center at the University of Florida. He wanted me to pass the news on that they have ALL of the Florida Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps available on-line and open to the public at I see that Orlando has changed slightly since the first year of 1884 that they have.

The U of F also has some other very nice digital collections at

Though they are not New York maps, he wanted me to let our readers know and to pass it on.

Now if we could only get the University of the State of New York to do this…

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