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Eyewitness Report of NGS Conference in Salt Lake City

Our friend Gary Jones, an employee of the Onondaga County Public Library in Syracuse, NY has sent in some items of interest to our Upstate New York Genealogy blog.

“What a great conference and the Family History Library was unbelievable.   It will be a while for me to process what I learned but will definitely email you some tidbits.

I did attend the reception where the Senior VP of Product Development Eric Shoup and CEO Tim Sullivan announced a revamped search engine that will offer new and more precise search options for the advanced user while maintaining a simpler search option for the novice. will release a Mac version of Family Tree Maker before the end of the year. I saw a demo of the alpha version and really like it.  I’ll be beta testing the MAC version of FTM for them.  I switched to Mac 2 years ago and will never go back to a PC, so I am really excited about this.

And yes, they will have an iPad application to go with it! Later, Gary.”

Another item of interest in addition to our recent report about the 300 million new names to the LDS beta search engine they have added an unknown quantity of death notices and other historical records.  The largest quantity of extracted vital records that have been available previously has been of birth/christening and marriage records, so it is great to see that LDS is now also adding large quantities of death records.  I used it on a few names and came up with some awesome quality census images also.

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