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Happy Birthday America! Thank a Troop Today

234 years ago today, the Continental Congress voted to approve the break with British Control. Then on the 4th of July the 56 Signers and the founders of this great country subjected their property, their liberty and even their life to the possibility of being taken away, once they signed the Declaration of Independence.

Do you ever think of how totally brave of an act that was? Would you have been able to do it?

Then countless thousands of freedom loving men took up arms against what was considered at the time to by tyrannical rule, and those troops were likewise committing all they held dear to fight for freedom and the ability to raise their families in a country ruled by democracy.

The times have changed, Great Britain is now our staunchest ally, but we still have totally dedicated men and women that are risking their lives every day to allow us to live our life in freedom and democracy.

Please go out of your way this holiday weekend, and any time for that matter, to Thank a Troop Today!

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