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Here are the websites that were recommended in July

One month ago today, this UNYG Blog posted an article inviting readers to send recommendations of their favorite links to websites or Blogs that have information on Upstate New York Genealogy.

Here are the links that were submitted for July.
All have been checked and are good suggestions.

Fulton History dot com:

Apple (Charlotte) of Apple’s Tree:

Colleen of Orations of OMcHodoy:

Thomas of Destination Austin Family:

Cyndis List:


Doris Wheeler’s Family:

NYS Newspaper Project:

Jefferson County, NY, Pioneer Portraits Project:

Schmid and Madr family history site:

100th Annual Reunion of descendants of Job PRINCE (1750-1827) and Rhoda KIBBE PRINCE (1770-1831):

New York Traveler:

Montgomery County Department of History and Archives at Fonda, New York.

history of New York State Diners.

Joyce Tice’s Tri-Counties and History web site:

Town of Hornby in Steuben County:

Rochester and a tiny bit in the Chesterfield, NY:

Mt. Hope & Riverside Cemetery Records:

Rochester City Directories:

Rochester Historic Marriage Records:

Gen Web of Monroe County:

Thanks to all who shared these with us. You know the old story about not being able to see the forest for the trees, right? Well this is a way that you can inform researchers of sites that they might not locate on their own.

Keep them coming folks. Just add your favorite NYS site to the comments just below this posting.

Tomorrow I will write a review of one of the July submissions.

You may read the previous post on this subject for the 07/08/08 article, here:

Then one more thing, our friend over at Dear Myrtle has just returned from a genealogical cruise that she will tell you all about on her recent podcast.

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Upstate New York Genealogy Blog Wins Award of "Best of the Internet" is one of the most loved and respected genealogy websites around.

Upstate New York Genealogy Blog has the great honor of receiving one of Dear Myrtle’s coveted “Best of the Internet Awards.”

This award was in response to a Blog that we put out and that created quite a buzz, about the genetics testing company 23andme. Myrt’s award for “Best of the Internet” reads in part:

“MOST INTERESTING THREAD: Always up on the news Dick Hillenbrand’s “Wife of Google co-founder wants to test DNA of 98 per cent of the World!”, 2008. While this was reported elsewhere, I appreciate the comment from a lineage society member who worries about disqualifying members based on DNA.

You may read the full content of Myrt’s Blog at:

We are very proud to share this information with our readers.

See what I tell you people about commenting? Your comments absolutely do get noticed and you all make this whole Blogging process much more interesting and very enjoyable.

Thanks to all of our unyg readers.

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Dear Myrtle announces NARA Six Million New Military Records Before 1946

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just released by the NARA Public Affairs office. Please address all inquiries to> or contact Bryan McGraw, Director of Archival Programs at NPRC, at 314-801-9132.

October 22, 2007
National Personnel Records Center Opens more than Six Million New Military Personnel Files
St. Louis, MO

* The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) will open for the first time all of the individual Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs) of Army, Army Air Corps, Army Air Forces, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard military personnel who served and were discharged, retired or died while in the service, prior to 1946.

Collectively, these files comprise more than six million records. This is the second step in the progressive opening ofthe entire paper and microfiche OMPF collection of over 57 million individual files. Additional military personnel records will be made available to the public each year through 2067 until the entire collection is opened.

These archived files are treasured by family members, historians, researchers, and genealogists. Contained in a typical OMPF are documents outlining all elements of military service, including assignments, evaluations, awards and decorations, education and training, demographic information, some medical information and documented disciplinary actions. Some records also contain photographs of the individual and official correspondence concerning military service.

To view an original record, individuals may visit the NPRC Archival Research Room in St. Louis, MO. Telephone is 314-801-0850. Research room hours are10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Time Tuesday through Friday. Visitors are strongly encouraged to call ahead to make reservations.

* To obtain copies of records, customers may write to NPRC at 9700Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132, fax a request to 314-801-9195, or submit a request through <> or on a Standard Form 180.

Information about records available at NPRC is also posted on the National Personnel Records Center Homepage at

Archived, public records are subject to the National Archives and Records Administration’s published fee schedule. Copy fees for archived OMPFs are waived for veterans or primary next-of-kin (surviving spouse or children of the veteran) if the records are needed to validate a benefit or entitlement. The fee schedule for OMPFs is as follows:

1. OMPFs 5 pages or less: $15
2. OMPFs 6 pages or more: $50 (most OMPFs fall in this category)
3. OMPFs of Persons of Exceptional Prominence (PEP): $.75 per page
*(PEP records include the OMPFs of famous individuals such as former Presidents, famous military leaders, decorated military heroes, celebrities,entertainers, and professional athletes who left military service and havebeen deceased for at least 10 years).

Archived records are subject to a limited privacy exemption under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. As such, all records are reviewed prior to release and social security numbers are redacted.

For more information, contact Bryan McGraw, Director of Archival Programs at NPRC, at 314-801-9132.

This and previous blog entries are fully searchable by going to: Myrt welcomes queries and research challenges, but regrets she is unable to answer each personally.

View <> article…

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