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VOORHEES Hardware Store, Baldwinsville, NY.

The VOORHEES Hardware Store, Baldwinsville, NY.

Another great photo from Dave Rowell.

(Dave’s comments:)
“I believe that this store was located on the east side of Syracuse
street on the island between the Seneca river and the NYS Barge Canal.
Up until it was remodeled a few years back (2003?) the store front was
recognizable. The 1917 county business directory listed a Voorhees
hardware store but not its location.”

The 1900 census shows the family of James L. VOORHEES [Sr.], age 69, retired, and John S. VOORHEES, a son, age 43, single, Hardware Merchant, and another son, James L. VOORHEES, Jr., age 19 as a Salesman, Hardware. (Note: this is the family of the famous genealogist, Lesley E. VOORHEES, age 30, single, a trained nurse.)

The photo has the look of 1900′s to 19 teens to me. (Dick Hillenbrand.)

VOORHEES Hardware store is mentioned in the following KING family reminiscence found at:

“March 29, 1873, I was at my brother William’s house, owned now by George Kelly,
formerly owned by A. K. Clark, when we heard the fire alarm in the village. When we
got there we found the stores were on fire south of the James L. Voorhees hardware store,
now owned L. J. Schenck. I helped pump water with the hand fire engines. After the fire
we had to stay in Bakers store until morning, for we could not see to get home it was
snowing and blowing and drifting so that the roads were all blocked up with snow. “

If anyone has any thoughts or comments, please contact me by email and I will pass it on to Dave.

Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy

American House & Howard Opera House, Baldwinsville

American House in foreground, Howard Opera House and Jewelry Store just beyond, looking northeast. Up to the left is Route 48 to Oswego, and to the right is Route 370 to the east. The two maps show the location of both places in 1885 and by 1890 there were new stores being built on the old American House corner.

Baldwinsville, NY photos courtesy of Dave Rowell, with help on location from the Town of Lysander Historian, Bonnie Kisselstein. 1885 and 1890 maps courtesy of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, (fair use.) Thanks to all, Dick Hillenbrand, Upstate New York Genealogy,

Baldwinsville People and Views (#02)

End of the Northern Pacific Railway line somewhere in the Dakota
Territory. Standing by the horse’s rear leg is Olin McCabe – the old
gent with the beard directly behind Olin is Jefferson McCabe my
gggrandfather. The family, except for my ggrandfather, “went west” to
work on the railroads taking several big teams with them. Olin and
Jefferson prepared the road bed prior to rail laying. Photo from Dave Rowell.

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