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New place to search for Blogs by geographic location

Do you want to look at a Blog that might relate to a specific geographic location?

There is a brand new website that is designed to do just that. If you are a well known Blogger, a closet Blogger or wanna be Blogger, than you might want to register your Blog by name and the locality that you write about or publish from.

This site shows a world map with tags on it for all of the Blogs registered. You can them zoom in, pan to the location of interest and see if anyone Blogs from that area. There is also a search bar where you can search by an address or general locality, or Blog name.

I registered both Upstate New York Genealogy Blog and Genealogy Miscellanea, and it is kind of cool! Thought you readers might find it useful.

(It is still in beta, and there are only a few hundred Blogs registered, but growing fast!.)

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