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Upstate New York Genealogy Blog Wins Award of "Best of the Internet" is one of the most loved and respected genealogy websites around.

Upstate New York Genealogy Blog has the great honor of receiving one of Dear Myrtle’s coveted “Best of the Internet Awards.”

This award was in response to a Blog that we put out and that created quite a buzz, about the genetics testing company 23andme. Myrt’s award for “Best of the Internet” reads in part:

“MOST INTERESTING THREAD: Always up on the news Dick Hillenbrand’s “Wife of Google co-founder wants to test DNA of 98 per cent of the World!”, 2008. While this was reported elsewhere, I appreciate the comment from a lineage society member who worries about disqualifying members based on DNA.

You may read the full content of Myrt’s Blog at:

We are very proud to share this information with our readers.

See what I tell you people about commenting? Your comments absolutely do get noticed and you all make this whole Blogging process much more interesting and very enjoyable.

Thanks to all of our unyg readers.

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