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Wife of Google co-founder wants to test DNA of 98 per cent of the World!

Early spitters received a beanie.

“Genealogy is a global phenomenon and ultimately we’re looking at the worldwide stage.” Anne Wojcicki Co-founder of biotech company 23andme, is the wife of the billionaire co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin.

“We’d like to reach 98pc of the world, that is our goal,” says Wojcicki 33, and her 47-year-old business partner Linda Avey reckon their service represents the future of social networking.

In the same way that the likes of MySpace, Facebook, You Tube and Flickr allow users to share information in the shape of videos, photos or instant messaging. Wojcicki and Avey can see a time where people worldwide will share and compare their genetic details.

It only costs a thousand bucks to have the DNA test through 23andme, but the founders expect the price to drop soon. Google, the company, did make a preliminary investment in the startup company, along with some other investors, however Google is keeping “Hands Off” the operations of 23andme.

Anne Wojcicki did say that she would like to hire her husband Sergey. “We’re doing our best to poach him. We’ve even offered to double his salary to two dollars, but so far we have not been successful in luring him away from Google.”

Read all about it in the “Telegraph.”

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