Major Error in 1820 Census for Onondaga County

For all you people with Upstate New York ancestors this is an important announcement.  There apparently is a major error in the 1820 U.S Federal Census microfilm for the towns of Cicero, Lysander and Manlius.

The following press release was just received:

Press release:

“For Immediate Release

1820 US Federal Census Microfilm Errors Corrected for Onondaga County, NY.

The American Pomeroy Historic Genealogical Association (APHGA)
identified an error in the pagination sequence of the microfilmed copies of the 1820 US Federal Census.  These errors relate to the towns of Manlius, Cicero and Lysander in Onondaga County, New York, and were discovered while attempting to verify the location of the Spencer Pomeroy and Lucy Pomeroy households.

The APHGA’s research indicated that both of these Pomeroy families should have been living in Manlius, N.Y., but both the and Heritage Quest indices placed these households in neighboring Cicero.  By examining the total counts by page and town for both the Manlius and Cicero microfilm rolls on we were able to determine that these pages were filmed out of sequence.  When the pages were sorted out we were able to verify that only 3 pages of the 21 page Cicero microfilm roll were part of the original 1820 Cicero census!

The APHGA has created corrected indices of the 1820 US Federal Census for the towns of Cicero, Manlius and Lysander in Onondaga County for use with and Heritage Quest images.  These indices, along with other documentation explaining how this error was detected and how corrected results were substantiated are available free of charge on the APHGA website at .

The American Pomeroy Historic Genealogical Association was founded by Bill Pomeroy of Syracuse, NY, in order to provide an organization to facilitate American Pomeroy research.  We provide a platform for the collection, communication and collaboration of research regarding the descendants of Eltweed Pomeroy, and act as a clearinghouse for that research.  Bill’s dream is to publish an update of the Albert A. Pomeroy genealogy books, The History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family, Volumes I-III, published in 1912 and 1922.  The APHGA has also founded the Pomeroy Anvil Trail, a project to install monuments in the shape of the Pomeroy Anvil across the United States in places that were historic to the Pomeroy Family.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 1-800-767-3282 x2530.  For more information about the APHGA please visit our website at .”


That sounds like a very important discovery and we send kudos and thanks for the sharp eye of Nancy Maliwesky, Director, American Pomeroy Historic Genealogical Association and Bill Pomeroy who so tirelessly and benevolently makes this all possible.

If you have a POMEROY anywhere in your family history you will certainly find a treasure trove of information on their website.

Oh, and for what it is worth, the Federal Government in their infinite wisdom discarded all of those original manuscript census enumeration books after they were microfilmed.  Certainly no one would ever need to look at the original documents.

Dick Hillenbrand

Announcing HERRICK Family Association Reunion in Albany

This message was recently received from Richard L. Herrick with the request to pass it on.

So to the readers of the New UNYG Blog, here it is:


The Herrick Family Association (HFA) is pleased to announce that the Herrick Family Association Annual meeting is being held September 23 to September 27, 2009, in Albany, New York. Richard L. Herrick, President of the HFA and compiler of the third edition of the Herrick Genealogical Register (HGR) will be available to consult with anyone interested in their Herrick family connection.

Mr. Herrick graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S.M.E and later became interested in genealogy in the early 1960s. After retirement in 1994 Mr. Herrick began in earnest to update the 1846 & 1885 editions of the Herrick Genealogical Register [HGR] which now has a database of 50,000 individuals for Herrick’s and allied families connected to the Herrick family.

Volume I of HGR3 was published in 2008; Volume II in 2009 and Volume III will be published in 2010.  Publishing the HGR3 is a team effort of Richard L. Herrick, Kenneth Roy Herrick, Sharon Herrick, Joann Nichols and Dale!
EllenYoe who will also attend the Herrick Family Meeting.

The Herrick Family Association is a national non-profit organization formed in 2001 to provide a central focus for family tree information for all individuals with an ancestor or spouse named Herrick and those who descended from Henry Herrick who arrived in Salem, MA from England during July 1629.  The Herrick Family Association also supports a DNA project and genealogy research ongoing in several countries.

The meetings will be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites-Albany, located at 25 Chapel St., Albany, NY 12210.  Further information on reservations and activities at:

Note: If any of you are interested  a capsule format genealogy of my connection to the HERRICK line is shown on the main UNYG website at:

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New Events Coming to UNYG Blog



Well we finally will see a new website associated with this Blog. It is still being tested and loaded up with content.

We are working on building the new site now and soon you will be reading this Blog on a new platform. As many of our long time readers know, the Upstate New York Genealogy website and then Blog evolved over the past nine or so years.

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This family bible starts with William and Sally (BROOKS) CAPES and places mentioned are Boston, Linco[l]nshire, England – New York City – Williamsburgh LI, NY – Erie, PA and Darien, CT.

This bible was purchased from a rare book dealer in 1989.

Title Page:
The Holy Bible, Contatining the Old and the New Testaments: Together with the Apocrypha: Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. With Canne’s Marginal Notes and References. To which are added, An Index, An Alphabetical Table of All the Names in the Old and New Testaments, with their significations; Tables of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins, &c.

Cooperstown, [NY]: Stereotyped, Printed and Published by H. & E. Phinney, and sold by them at their book-stores, and by the booksellers generally in the United States. – 1829.

There is an inscription on the front flyleaf that is somewhat difficult to read but this is as I make it out:

Given to
Jennie Louisa SCOTT
By her cousin Harriett Arabella ORCHARD
Norton Conn.
Jan 1916
Formerly owned by your great grand parents
William and Sally BROOKS CAPES
And by your great aunt Harriett CAPES BELL.

Family Record


William CAPES
Born January 21 1784 [crossed out & 1783 written over]
In Boston, Linconshire, England

Sally BROOKS was
Born October 17, 1792
Norwalk, CT

They were married 12th May 1810
In New York City

In Dairen, By Rev. Aaron ROGERS
Sarah Ann CAPES
Sept 22th 1847 To
William Frederick DICKMAN

Ellen Louise CAPES
March 2d 1851, to

Harriett CAPES was
Married to
James Joseph SACKETT
Of New York City
26th December 1836Ceremony by Rev. James
DEMORIST – R.D. Church
Williamsburgh, L.I. N.Y.

In Williamsburgh
23rd November 1837

Harriet CAPES
26th December 1837

William H. CAPES —- [marginal note:] Cousin Julia’s father mother
25th February 1840

Julia CAPES To
John Frederick BROWN
24th April 1841

June 2nd 1844 to
Susan WEEKS later to

Mary E. CAPES to
Thomas LEWIS
[no date]


Harriet CAPES was
Born July 30th 1812
New York City

Phebe CAPES was
Born October 9th 1814
New York City

William H. CAPES was
Born November 10th 1816
In Erie Penn.

Julia CAPES was
Born August 11th 1819
Erie Penn

John W. CAPES was
Born March 24th 1822
In Darien CT

Mary E. CAPES was
Born May 7th 1824
In Darien CT

George W. CAPES was
Born December 14th
1826 in Darien CT

Sarah Ann CAPES
Born May 27th 1829
In Darien CT

Born Jan 10th 1833
Darien CT


George W. CAPES
Deceased April 4th

Deceased July 12th 1844

William H. CAPES
Deceased July 1st 1845

William CAPES
Deceased Oct 31st 1854

Deceased Aug 22nd 1876

Sarah [BROOK written in] CAPES
Deceased April 7th 1878

Wife of James BONNIWELL
Deceased March 18 188[0?]

Harriett CAPES
Wife of John Jay BELL
Deceased Thursday
November 9th 1888
Funeral Monday the 12th
From St Lukes Church

John Jay BELL
Deceased Friday September
8th 1898
Funeral from St Lukes Church –
Darien on Tuesday
The 12th


Several resources to use for further information on this family may be found from Internet searches.

New York State Vital Records -
Revolutionary War Patriot or Loyalist -
World War II Soldier’s Grave Cared For in Holland -

Visit our main website at

JOY – MACK – FLORIDAY – LANDERS Family Bible – 1852

Description of the Family record as transcribed of JOY – MACK – FLORIDAY – LANDERS Family Bible – 1852

The bible was badly worn and broken. The front title page to the Old Testament is lacking.

Inner title page:
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated out of the original Greek, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised —
Philadelphia, Jesper Harding – 1852.


George Nelson JOY
Marid to Mary Ann FLORIDAY
July the 21th 1851

George Nelson JOY
Mared to Hanah Maria LANDERS September 23 1861

George Nelson JOY
Marid to Caraline Elizabeth MACK
June the 26th 1850


George Nelson JOY
Bornd May the 8th 1827

Born June the 1th 1830

William Henry JOY Born
Novenber the 12th 1852

Hannah Willety JOY
Borned March the 26th 1863

Nelson Elmer JOY
Borned Thursday
September th 17 1868

Caroline E. MACK
Borned 1834

Births [next page]

Marage of Danel LANDER and his wife
Maried Hannah Maria EATON
February 16th [year obliterated, might be 1831?]

Danniel LANDERS Borned 1824

Hannah Maria EATON borned March the 16th 1839
[year penciled over, possibly changed?]

John D. LANDERS borned
November the 29 1831
[year penciled over, possibly changed?]

Carline LANDERS borned
July the 10 1849

Borned August the 16th 1851

Jeffferson LANDERS
Borned February 16 1853

Borned April 5 1857

Borned December 23 1858


Mariann JOY
Dide Febuary the 18th 1858

Daniel LANDERS Dide June the 18 1861

Dide August
The 21 1851

Jefferson LANDERS died
Febuary the 3th 1868

Chauncey LANDERS
March 29 1900

Caroline E. JOY
Diede August
The 12th 1850

Hannah Viletty JOY
Diede January
The 18th 1868

George Nelson JOY
Dide September
The 24 1869

Nelson Elmer JOY
Dide May 21 1886

Dide January 30 1890

Died July the 13 1896

Died July 12 1925


The handwriting and erasures and tracings over make this bible very difficult to verify as to accuracy, however the compiler has attempted the best interpretation as able.

There is a George JOY age 22 a “Dyer” with a wife Polly, age not readable, in household of Chauncey EVANS in New Hartford, Oneida Co. NY on the 1850 census.

There is a George N. JOY age 33 a Laborer in household of John D. RANDALL in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY in 1860 census.

The Daniel and Hannah LANDERS family is on the 1860 census in Schuyler, Herkimer Co., NY page 303.

This Family bible was purchased in 1989 at a Used Book shop in Schuylerville, NY.

Permission to reprint, copy or publish is given as long as attribution is given to
Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy

New York State Vital Records -
Revolutionary War Patriot or Loyalist -
World War II Soldier’s Grave Cared For in Holland -

Visit our main website at

SAUNDERS Family Record from 1826 Bible

SAUNDERS Family Record

Bible Record from Family Pages in Bible purchased from rare book dealer in 1989.

Title Page:
Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments:
Together with The Apocrypha Translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, with Canne’s marginal notes and references, to which are added, an Index… (more)
Saratoga Springs: printed and published wholesale and retail by G.M. DAVISON — 1826

Family record:
Lodowick SAUNDERS and Elizabeth LANPHEAR was Married April 29, 1802.

Lodowick SAUNDERS Jr., and Temperance HALL was Married Sept the 4(?) 1825

George N. GEEMAN(?) and Elizabeth SAUNDERS was married [no date]

Nathan SAUNDERS and Abagail REYNOLDS Petersburgh, N.Y, was Married Jan 2th 1828.

Family record
Lodowick SAUNDERS was born Nov the 25th 1775

Elizabeth LANPHEAR wife of Lodowick SAUNDERS was born
Dec th 20 1781

Lodowick SAUNDERS jun was born October the 13 1802

Annis SAUNDERS was born Feb th 2 1805

Nathan SAUNDERS was born Nov th 1 1807

Elizabeth SAUNDERS was born Apr 11 1810.

Mary SAUNDERS was born Sept the 18 1811

Joel SAUNDERS was born March the 1 1814.

Family Record
Lodowick SAUNDERS decease,d Jan the 18 1832

Elizabeth LANPHEAR widow of Lodowick SAUNDERS died Septbr 19 1856 aged 75 years 9 months.


Note: there was a Lodowick SAUNDERS on the 1810 census in Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY.

Permission to reuse or republish is given as long as the source citation is shown as coming from:
Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy

Visit our main website at

Reunion for Pownal Revolutionary war Patriot Planned – JOHN DOWNER

As Pownal is very close to my favorite research area of the Old Cambridge District in Washington County, NY I am pleased to pass this announcement to the readers of the Upstate New York Genealogy Blog.

My name is Julie Bright ( 30 Weathervane Lane, East Sandwich, MA 02537
Phone 774-413-9567

Would it be possible for you to post the following information on an upcoming DOWNER-DUNHAM REUNION, Descendants of John DOWNER (1744-1815) of Pownal and his wife Lydia DUNHAM (1785-1861). They are both buried in Morgan-Towslee

We would love to have one or more descendants of their children attend:

William (1773-1859) married Charlotte RICHMOND
Obadiah L. (1774-1815) married Rachel YELVERTON
Amy (1776-1840) married John AUSTIN
John (1777-1850) married Rence (Amy) FINCH married 2nd Lydia JOSSELYN
Joel (1780-1865) married Lovina RISLEY
Sarah (1782-1861) married Ichabod PROSSER
Lydia D. (1785-1861) married Dr. Thomas BANNISTER of Pownal
Mary (1789-1820) married Timothy BELKNAP
Lucy (1791-before 1850) married John HUNT
Abner (1793-1856) married Harriet HAMBLIN married 2nd Rachel HARRINGTON

Downer-Dunham Reunion Scheduled

We now have the date and place set for the DOWNER-DUNHAM REUNION. It will be October 19th through the 22nd at the Williams Inn in Williamstown, MA. This is about five miles south of Pownal, VT and fourteen miles south of Bennington, VT. We have ten rooms reserved, at a discounted rate at the Williams Inn. If you want to stay there, you will need to call them and reserve a room for the “Downer Reunion” All rooms at the Williams Inn are non-smoking. There info is:
Their site is

Contact Info:
Williams Inn 800-828-0133 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              800-828-0133      end_of_the_skype_highlighting They have October 19, 20, 21 & 22
Williamstown, MA
Rates: Mon, Tues, Wed & Thu nights — $139/room/night
Free Wireless

You can stay all four nights or less at this rate.

Purpose of this reunion:

a.. It would give us all an opportunity to meet & share information and memories.
b.. We will see the area where our ancestors lived.
a.. John Downer served in the Revolutionary War along with his father-in-law Obediah Dunham and brother-in-law Benjamin Morgan.
b.. John & Lydia Dunham Downer lived their adult lives in Pownal, VT and are buried at the Morgan-Towslee Cemetery.
c.. Bennington, VT has a monument for the Battle of Bennington. The battle took place on August 16, 1777.
a.. The actual battle field is a few miles away and located in New Your State.
c.. Williamstown MA, is home of the much respected Clark Art Institute and North Adams, MA which is now home to MOCA the Modern Art Museum.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Even if you are not interested in attending or can not make the reunion. All thoughts are welcome and encouraged.

Julie bright
30 Weathervane Lane
East Sandwich MA 02537

bill downer

Jan Wadoski

Visit our main website at

Unique Website for Obituaries

I would like to make you aware of a unique website for learning about Obituaries, and to use for searching for obits as well, at

This free website that is staffed by volunteers is quite different than the normal site for gravestones, and obits, in that there is a good blend of information and data about obituaries that may be used for people in need of writing an obit for the recently departed.

I do not think I have ever seen such a site before and when thinking about it do believe that this is a great service and an excellent idea.

There are advice sections on what should be included in an obituary, online resources, sympathy messages, sample letters of condolence and funeral resources.

Along with this element of information there is a very strong complement of genealogy resources such as Free Genealogy Forms downloads, Ancestry Research, Search, Family Trees online, and many other sections helpful to genealogists.

From their own description of their website: Access newspaper obituaries and discover your genealogy online. Discover obituary resources like old newspaper obituaries archives and Download free genealogy forms and printable family tree charts.

Please visit Newspaper Obituaries – and have a look around. I’m sure you will find something that will be of interest and will help you in your research.

Here is another website that will give you some ideas about using old newspaper articles for genealogy research and how to Search Obituaries.

Visit our main website at

New York State is Now in New England

The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) is in Boston and was founded in 1845.

That makes it the oldest and most respected non-profit genealogical society in the U.S. If you have been a member of NEHGS you know that they also have a great amount of material on New York State in their holdings.

The NEHGS has been publishing many free articles on their main website, which will no doubt give you some excellent reasons to become a member and to have full use of all of the online databases that they have to offer. Short of a trip to Boston, which you should schedule as soon as possible, the website is a great starting point and will lead you to databases that you never knew existed.

Well NEHGS has long had very nice collections of New York State materials also. What you say? New York is not part of New England.

Maybe so but the New Englanders followed the setting sun and guess where they arrived at first? Sure many went on to the upper mid-western states, but many stayed in New York. There was also quite a bit of interaction between the families that lived in the western counties of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont, with the eastern counties of New York State.

So it is a natural thing to gather documents and manuscripts of New England areas that also included quite a lot of information on New York. One way to make this fact known to a larger audience was to create a new website named and to bring information to people that might be helpful in researching their Yorker ancestors.

Yours truly was very excited a few months ago when one of the editors of the NEHGS website contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing a monthly article for Well, yeah! My what an honor to even be considered. Now I’m no Michael Phelps but I sure am proud to be included with the excellent authors on this fact filled website. My first article appeared this week and it is titled; “Getting to Know the Lay of the Land Using New York State Gazetteers.”

So please visit and check out some of the great free information available. There are articles on a Case Study of Thomas Herring, Settlers of the Beekman Patent, The Erie Canal, Welsh Immigrants, NYS Census Records, NYS Vital Records, and many many databases that you will want to spend some time in.

While you are at it, check out all five of the NEHGS websites;,,, and

Your membership in NEHGS will allow you full access to all of the best websites and data that Boston has to offer.

Please tell us of any of your successes and leave comments below this post.

Visit our main website at

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