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Washington County, New York Historian’s Office Report

Upstate New York Genealogy recently received an email from Loretta Bates, Office Manager, of the Washington County, New York, Historian’s Office.
Part of which is as follows:

Did I mention to you that I have been putting info on our Washinton Co. official website? You might want to check it out, just Google Washington Co. NY and we’re the first one listed. I have so much more ready to enter… I’m trying to put on the oldest things I can find, so far it’s mostly the Goodspeed Index and some older church records.
Keep up the good work…. Loretta”

The following link will go directly to the Historian’s website:

At the present time this office is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Available for research in the Historian’s Office:
Published regional histories, plus histories of several towns in Washington County and nearby counties

Published and unpublished Washington County family histories

The Asa Fitch Papers on Washington County genealogy and history

The Gibson Collection of genealogical material

The Goodspeed Collection containing over 50 boxes of information collected by a local genealogist.
Aaron Goodspeed of Granville, Washington County, NY lived from 1862 to 1932. He made a hobby and a business of gathering genealogical data on local people of his area and Vermont. He collected newspaper articles, wrote hundreds of letters requesting information from families and spent a lifetime pursuing his love of genealogy. He was a “top notch” pharmacist owning a drug store which still stands today and houses a dry cleaning business. Much of Goodspeed’s collection is from the mid eighteen hundreds to the early nineteen hundreds, but some of his notes in his own handwriting might contain information relating to even earlier times. The following index has been prepared to advise researchers of the surnames in this collection. Some of the information found within is extensive, but in some cases it might contain a lone newspaper article.

Cemetery records for all 17 towns of Washington County

Washington County Poor House Records

The Morris-Rote-Rosen collection from his Granville Sentinel newspaper column on local history

The John Williams Papers

Over forty years of County Historian’s genealogical correspondence filed by family name

Church Records

United Church of Kingsbury and Queensbury during the Ministry of Rev. Ravaud K. Rodgers and Rev. E.E. Seeley

Register of marriages
; Coila, Cambridge, Salem
Celebrated by John Dunlop, Minister of the Gospel
Original documents copied from the photostat of the Coila Church records in the State Library.

Also available is an assortment of
Family Bibles Veterans Records (limited)
Maps Newspapers (Microfilm only and limited)
School Records Business Ledgers
Quaker Records Civil War letters pertaining to Wash. Co.

Mail to: Washington County Historian
Washington County Municipal Center, Bldg. A
383 Broadway Fort Edward, New York 12828

Thanks for letting us know Loretta.

The church records and the Goodspeed collection are excellent, and I can’t wait for the important Col./Dr. John Williams papers. He was such an important part of the early Washington County history and we are fortunate that his papers survived.

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