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Used Books Update – Old Saratoga Books


Used Books Update.

Back in January we blogged about sources of good used books and the value of them for genealogical and historical research. Here is the link to that Blog:

One of the comments that were entered was from Rachel Jagareski of Old Saratoga Books in Schuylerville, NY. So yesterday I had an opportunity to be up that way on business and stopped in and had a delightful chat with Rachel and met her husband Dan and daughter. This nice young couple is living their dream.

They have a lovely book store in an important historical old village, right at one of the most famous historical spots in New York State. This Hudson River Village was a primary gathering place for many events that occurred in the French and Indian, and the Revolutionary Wars. Burgoyne’s defeat there at Freeman’s Farm was a pivotal point in the American Revolutionary War.

Their shelves are very well arranged by subject category and they have a constantly evolving stock of the type of books that we all look for. Of course I found a couple that I just had to have, but please don’t tell my wife.

Rachel told me that she had just celebrated one year of blogging with her delightful Blog
Named Book Trout.

So if you are going to Albany or Saratoga or anywhere near the area, you will surely enjoy a visit to Old Saratoga Books.

They do encourage customers to contact them through the Internet and they will ship any where.

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