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Upstate New York Genealogy Blog Wins Top 100 Genealogy Sites Award

Many of you know about, one of the foremost aggregators of genealogy databases.  This free collection encourages you to join the fun and you may input as much of your own family information as you like.

There are over 579 million profiles of individuals, 14 million family trees and 86 million photos.  Data entry is as simple as filling out the online data form or you may submit your complete GEDCOM if preferred.

We were pleased to receive an unexpected email from in that they had selected this blog to be included in their list of Top 100 Genealogy sites.  It is an honor and we thank them for it.  You may visit their website by clicking on our award banner over on the right hand side.

This is what we were asked to submit after receiving the award.  Upstate New York Genealogy has been the passion of this researcher for about 40 years.  We share all of our knowledge with the public both on the main website at and the associated blog at  It is all free and we welcome your comments and ideas.

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