Bombay, Franklin County, New York Has a New Genealogy Society

The Bombay Historical Society announces the formation of the Bombay Genealogical Society.  Due to the recent surge in genealogy research, Becky Latulipe, president of the historical society, gave the explanation that the genealogical society would be able to serve the public, under the umbrella of the historical society.

The Bombay Genealogical Society will have their own elected officers.  Latulipe said, “We want people to be aware of the pioneer families and community members that have lived here, but it will take some time and research.”

The point she made about genealogy being about 90% of what the historical society is all about seems to be a common theme in most historical societies.

This is from a press release in the Plattsburgh Press Republican newspaper.
New Genealogy Organization Formed

There are contact phone numbers in the article if you are interested in joining.

2 Responses to “Bombay, Franklin County, New York Has a New Genealogy Society”

  • charles plumb:

    I am a great grandson of Sarah {sally} Plumb. Looking for a death of her from 1880-2000. She spent her last few years in an asylum in Franklin County. May have died in 1881 or2. Also where buried. I have been to Bangor Cemetery and did not find a marked grave. Also searching for her husband Alton L. Plumb. I did find court records between Franklin County, the asylum, and Alton Plumb, but I do not know the outcome. I lost track of both. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.Congrats on you site!

  • Pamela Oglesby:

    I am very pleased to know there is a new genealogy society in Bombay. I have looked for years for a birth certificate, or baptismal record for Franklin Benjamin Bean, born in Bombay 27 Sep 1827. His parents were also married in Bombay sometime just before 1827 as he is their oldest child. They are Levi K. Bean (22 May 18040 and Lavina R. Norris (5 Jan 1809) although she was born in Sharon, Windsor County Vermont. I am trying to prove Levi is Franklin’s father. I am a large amount of information on Franklin but cannon prove Levi was his father, although it has been published that way, to the DAR. If during all your research you happen across any such records I would greatly appreciate it. Best of luck getting your new society set up. Pamela

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