State of Michigan Has Decided to Keep the State Library Open

If you have ever wonderd if your signing of online petitions has any impact, we suggest that it does.

Last September we told you that the State of Michigan was in a budget crisis and was planning on closing the state library.  We told you how to Save the Library of Michigan.

Well todays news is reported in the Lansing State Journal that the library is not only alive and well, but that the legislators have also voted to keep all of the non-Michigan books and research media available to genealogists as well.

Recently they had contemplated downsizing the state’s obligation to house some 44,000 volumes of books and 97,000 volumes of microfilm that did not relate to Michigan.

Well the activity created with the petition and increased awareness of this situation must have had some positive impact because the state has agreed to keep all of their collection intact and available.

Read the full story here: Library of Michigan.

Thanks to all who participated.

One Response to “State of Michigan Has Decided to Keep the State Library Open”

  • mrs. r:

    Actually much of what is written above is not true. An advisory board appointed by the governor is recommending that the genealogy materials remain at the Library of Michigan. Neither the governor’s office nor the legislature has responded to their suggestions. Appreciate all of the support from the petition but it’s important to keep the facts straight. There is still much work to do to persuade the funders in the legislature about the value of the collection and the staff.

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