Rochester NY City Directories Online to 1930 and to 1940 Coming Soon

Those of you Upstate New York Genealogy researchers that are working on Rochester, New York , Monroe County and the western part of New York State in general, are very fortunate.

The Monroe County Library System has been hard at work making much of their large genealogy / local history collection available online.  A discussion on one of the recent message boards caught my eye and decided we better review this site again.  See our previous posts about the Rochester Library.

There are many information pages and categories but if you go directly to this link regarding the Rochester City Directories at:  – You will find that the decades are arranged very easily to select from.  You will need a pdf reader to view the files but they are the exact scanned directory pages arranged in alpha groups.

There are other local and county type business directories available on that page that represent various years from the 1860′s to the 1930′s.

As we have noted in our New York State Vital Records Index articles you should know that the Rochester Library is one of the repositories for a set of the microfiche indexes.  You will have to go there to use them.

You will no doubt find many other items of interest by going to the main website and just start clicking on all of the drop down boxes.  A fabulous resource indeed.

6 Responses to “Rochester NY City Directories Online to 1930 and to 1940 Coming Soon”

  • Miriam Robbins Midkiff:

    Hi, Dick, I would like permission to copy the first four paragraphs of this post to my Online Historical Directories blog, with credit to you and a link to the post, of course. Thanks for informing us of this update!

  • nygenes1:

    Hi Miriam, Of course you have permission. Thanks for asking and thanks for all you do. Dick Hillenbrand

  • LarryN the LibraryN:

    As part of the digi team here at the RPL, I am glad also to announce that we also have up in the queue, the copies of the will and administration indexes (NOT THE WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS THEMSELVES!) for Monroe County dating from 1821-1874. Since they are typed, we also plan to OCR them.

  • nygenes1:

    Hi LarryN, Your library is really doing great things by making these items available online. Thanks. Dick

  • LarryN the LibraryN:

    We are pleased to announce that we have gone live on That web site allows people to order a digitized or tangible copy of materials from our collection. At this time we have 279 titles available including the standard county history of Monroe County, many civil war regimental histories, et al. It is possible to subscribe to new titles from us, via the RSS feed button that is on that website. We would further like to announce that we are sponsoring a day long series of talks on finding your family roots, etc. on Saturday October 16, 2010 at the central library. This is free and open to the public. We certainly encourage teachers to attend, as they may well get ideas for their classrooms from the speakers. Larry Naukam Coordinator of Historical Resources Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County

  • nygenes1:

    Hi Larry, Thanks for letting us know about this. Your library really “gets the internet” I must say.

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