Welcome to Our New UNYG Blog!

Hi everyone.  If you are reading this you know that we have finally moved our Blog to this new domain.

To all who are following us please make sure you subscribe to this new Blog by using the orange button at the top right which is for an RSS feed to your news reader and you will receive all future posts in your reader.  If that seems a daunting task just use the Subscribe via Email form and then you will receive at the most once a day a listing of any new posts that we have published for that day.  If no posts are made you will not get the email notification.

As all of you know who have been subscribers we will never spam you and your personal information is 100% secure with us.  We never share, sell, trade, loan or in any way give out your email address to any one.

Glad to have you with us, remember to subscribe and we will be publishing a whole lot of new stuff that has been backing up.

Please leave comments or ask questions at the bottom of any of the Blog post articles or use the Contact form at the top if need be.

Dick Hillenbrand

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