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Well we finally will see a new website associated with this Blog. It is still being tested and loaded up with content.

We are working on building the new site now and soon you will be reading this Blog on a new platform. As many of our long time readers know, the Upstate New York Genealogy website and then Blog evolved over the past nine or so years.

We actually had an earlier website on a free webhosting platform that was called NYGENES. That is why it seemed only natural to set up my email address as nygenes at the Internet has changed greatly since I started publishing genealogy information over a dozen years ago.

The new platform, (website to be announced real soon now,) will have a much nicer look and feel than having to use this pre-made template that Blogger supplies. We will also have a better method to handle categories and subjects, and will be able to offer you specials on certain products that we all need to do research with.

I thank Google for the free use of the Blogger platform as without it I would have never met so many of you nice people who have been following my rants and ramblings. So a very big thank you goes out to all of you as well.

The new website url will be very easy to remember and we will have it posted prominently right here on this Blog platform which will remain up for an undetermined time period. It will be very easy to find the new Blog.

So again, thanks and stay tuned for the new Blog platform for Upstate new York Genealogy Blog. Coming soon!

ps: We will also have some nice new gifts and contest prizes to reward you as loyal followers.
Dick Hillenbrand

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