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Announcing New Upstate New York Website Review Program.

This is July 8, 2008. Remember this date 070808. We are starting a new service that we encourage all readers to participate in.

The Internet is full of instructional, informative and interesting websites related to Genealogy. The Blogroll and bookmarks that I personally visit almost every day, certainly once a week, runs in very high numbers. Just can’t get enough.

This particular website/Blog that you are reading now is blessed with thousands of regular readers and a great number of new readers every month. So here is what we want to do. If you own a Genealogy website or Blog, or if you really like a particular website or Blog, that is heavily based on Upstate New York Genealogy, then we want to help you get some attention.

Starting with the comments on this Blog entry, please submit your favorite website name, and the url for that specific website or Blog, and a simple one sentence description.

That’s all you have to do. These comments come directly to me before they are seen by the public. I will check the link out and if it is valid and not spammy, then I will approve the comment link and our several thousand readers will see it. That link will remain on this site until such time that I might deem to remove it. Remember this is a family site, keep the links appropriate.

Then once a month, I will write a free, unbiased, or biased if need be \grin/, review of a website that I believe to be very instructional, very informative and very interesting.

The reviews will happen near the closing date of each month. A reminder of this 070808 Blog post will be sent out quite often. We encourage ALL of you to participate!

So here’s your chance to shine. Here’s your chance to gain new readers. It is free and non-fattening.

Remember it MUST relate to either, Families of Upstate New York, or How To instruction for Upstate New York, or about a specific Upstate New York Location.

Oh, and as we have jokingly reported to this question many times before, as to where is Upstate New York? I always say look at our logo on our main website at and see the map of the state? Upstate New York is anywhere above Yonkers, as far as I am concerned.

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26 Responses to “Upstate New York Genealogy Blog – – Announces New Website Review Program”

  • unyg:

    Hal Miller wrote to ask if it was ok to link to a site that has been previously mentioned on the UNYG Blog. Hal wanted to recommend

    Well it certainly is OK to do that. If you feel that your favorite website will help researchers, then this is the format to submit it at.

    These links will accumulate over time and should be helpful to many people for a long time to come.


  • Miriam:

    I can think of three genealogy bloggers that write about their upstate New York ancestors frequently:

    Apple (Charlotte) of Apple’s Tree
    Colleen of Orations of OMcHodoy”
    Thomas of Destination: Austin Family

  • unyg:


    Excellent choices. That’s just what I had in mind and thanks.

    For now two or three entries at a time will be ok. If this becomes overwhelming, I may limit it to one entry per day per person, but keep ‘em comin’.


  • Terry Harry:

    Not sure if you want general purpose websites, but two that I use a lot to find information for NY are Cyndis List at and Linkpendium at

  • unyg:

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for commenting.

    Sure, both of those qualify. They are not specifically about Upstate New York but they are fabulous resources that include much information on Upstate.


  • Doris Wheeler:

    My own genealogy includes all known ancestors, most of whom lived in the Hudson Valley. My husband’s family was from Western New York. The following link to my blog has links to my genealogy website and to DNA projects that relate primarily to upstate New York families:

    Thanks for another great service.

  • unyg:


    Thanks for the input. Readers might wish to do a search on this Blog for Doris Wheeler as we have reported on the Palatine DNA Project that she administers.


  • Jane Snell:

    List of New York State Newspapers from the NY State Library.

  • unyg:


    Good choice on the NYS Newspaper Project.



  • Anonymous:


    My site, the Jefferson County, NY, Pioneer Portraits Project at is a site where pictures of people living there in 1865 or earlier are posted from old books, other websites, and direct donations; after seven years we’re closing in on our 1,000th potrait!

    - Mark Wentling

  • unyg:

    What a wonderful service. I had not seen it before and thanks for sharing.


  • Nancy:

    Hi all -

    I’d like to submit my own personal genealogy site, roots & relatives: Schmid and Madr family histor site that is located at It features my families who immigrated and settled in the Western New York areas of Buffalo, Hamburg, and Lackawanna.

    Nancy Schmid

  • unyg:


    Thanks Nancy.


  • Annette Blanchard:

    Hi Dick!

    The website for the 100th Annual Reunion of descendants of Job PRINCE (1750-1827) and Rhoda KIBBE PRINCE (1770-1831) is Job is my brick wall. I would love to know who his parents are. Job spent most of his life in the Cambridgetown/White Creek/South Glens Falls area. Rhoda was born in CT. They had 10 children, most of which spent at least some time in Western New York, specifically Cattaraugus County.



  • unyg:


    That is a perfect post.

    Now maybe somebody will contact you.



  • Miriam:

    A blog I read regularly is New York Traveler. While it is not a genealogy blog, it is written by a homeschooling mother who travels extensively throughout upstate New York with her family. They visit numerous historical sites and museums, and she highlights them well in posts and photos on her blog. This provides much fantastic local and social history for the era in which my New York ancestors lived, and so I feel it is relevant to genealogy.

  • unyg:


    Good idea. I use a couple of sites all the time that are not for genealogy nor about New York specifically but I’m glad they are there. is for Real Estate, but their maps and aerial images allow you to zoom in on a house and then view it from all compass directions. Pretty cool.

    Then is the place I go FIRST for any new location any where in this state or nationwide.

    Keep ‘em comin’.


  • Jewel Warford:

    Montgomery County Department of History and Archives at Fonda, New York.

    Has many unique collections of Montgomery county, but also has quite a lot on neighboring Fulton, Herkimer and Schoharie counties.

    Their interests include families throughout the Mohawk Valley region.

  • unyg:


    Thanks. Fonda is one of the best places in the state for research.


  • mike:

    I'll throw in a slightly different, but connected website.
    This is my history of New York State Diners.

    From there you could:
    Find out about diner manufacturers in western NY. Plus a partial list of buyers, many of whom were NY State residents that I would love to talk to their families.
    For example, you can search my Ward & Dickinson Dining Car Co. database by name/city/state

    Search a database of owners of diners, by name. This is from my intensive (but not complete) upstate search of city directories

    BTW – Can I send you(snail mail) a free copy of a book I put together?

  • kjngenealogy:

    I am especially partial to Joyce Tice’s Tri-Counties and History web site, which covers Chemung County (as well as Tioga and Bradford counties in Pennsylvania). I visit the site every day for new content, and at this point it has some 16,000 pages. I’ve had several research breakthroughs over the years from this great site.

  • unyg:


    Perfect. Feel free to add more at any time.

  • George:

    Mr. Hillenbrand,

    I have a website at
    that has quite a bit of genealogical information about the ancestors of the current and former inhabitants of the Town of Hornby in Steuben County. What’s available at the site is just an overview of the detailed genealogies I have in my database and I am always happy to share that information with anyone who has an ancestor who ever lived in Hornby.

    George Rogers

  • unyg:

    Very nice George, thanks.

    Post more if you wish.

  • Nancy:

    I have a site focused around my ancestry, part of which is based in Rochester and a tiny bit in the Chesterfield, NY area (and I most recently discovered a Boonville connection).

    A few other great Rochester resources…

    1. Mt. Hope & Riverside Cemetery Records

    2. Rochester City Directories

    3. Rochester Historic Marriage Records

    4. Gen Web of Monroe County

  • unyg:

    Thanks Nancy,

    Love your personal site with the photographs, how nice.

    Best to you.

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