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We wrote about the partnership between the U.S Library of Congress and the photo hosting website, flickr dot com, back in January on this Blog.

Today I was reminded by Genealogy Reviews Online about this excellent resource from an article that Tim wrote about a Blogger in Washington, DC who has looked up some old views of DC and then recreated them with modern day subjects in pose. Pretty neat.

So after taking another look and doing a “New York State” search of the LOC collection, found several, a few of which are posted here.

Catskill Farm Country – What’s not to love?
Typical Upstate New York Barn
Morner House Near Albany
Saratoga Convention 1912
Camouflage Class 1943
(At first I thought this might be the new Microsoft Touch Screen.)

To our friends of the Upstate New York Genealogy Blog. Thanks for being loyal readers. If you have a website please consider linking to this Blog and if you do, please let us know by an email with the link. The more readers the merrier.

We also encourage you all to enter comments underneath each or any of the Blog postings. The interactivity is what makes this all worth while.

To those readers that asked for the Abner Chase, Methodist Circuit Rider book, we hope that they have all been sent out. We had dealt with a couple of computer crashes and all requests were not immediately able to be filled. If you do want it and did not receive it, just let us know and it will go right out.

3 Responses to “More Photos from the Library of Congress / website”

  • Adam Hodgkin:

    You may be interested in a free resource which is now available for family tree researchers who think their genealogy has aristocratic roots. The complete (3000 pp) reference book Debretts Peerage and Baronetage is now freely searchable. Personal annual subscriptions are also available for £75 but the searching, with readable snippet results is free and useful. See

  • Annette Blanchard:

    I can tell you are a city boy! “Upstate is anything above Yonkers.” In our corner of the state, we live in Western New York and Upstate is anything above Albany. *grin*

  • unyg:


    Still chuckling…

    We have a lot of fun with that statement about Upstate New York. It means so many different things to different people.

    Primarily what we wanted to infer, was anything that was not the major metro NYC areas.

    The map logo on our main website was done sort of as a joke, but it really does pretty much say it all.

    Thanks a bunch for the comment.

    I wish more people would do so too.


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