Vietnam Wall Names Now Interactive Through Footnote

Still another reason we love Footnote so much. Footnote has partnered again with the National Archives and have created a totally free access to search The Vietnam Wall names and read or add details to the list of fallen heroes.

If you haven’t signed up yet follow this link: Start Your Free Trial With

The Vietnam Wall names search is totally free to everyone. No subscription required.

Note: update August 1, 2008. Footnote is approaching 60 million online digitized documents. Here is a link to see what types of things would be available for genealogists and historians. Footnote Index . Without a doubt, Footnote is the Best Genealogy Bargain on the Internet. (Dick Hillenbrand)

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New info added May 2008. Read about this story here also:

One Response to “Vietnam Wall Names Now Interactive Through Footnote”

  • Anonymous:

    A web site similar to the one described above opened in 1997.

    The web site named THE VIRTUAL WALL at has thousands of personal tributes to the fallen in the form of letters, photographs, and citations.

    THE VIRTUAL WALL does not accept donations, fees, or advertising in order to honor the fallen.

    In 2001 THE VIRTUAL WALL partnered to take high-resolution photographs of the Wall, which can be browsed and zoomed at

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