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OK, Upstate New York Genealogy, tell me why I should subscribe to footnote?

Well that’s a pretty easy question to answer.

First off, you do not have to subscribe to take advantage of many of the features and some of the more important and popular data. For instance, you can just go to footnote and have a look see for free.

They are in the process of bringing much of the microfilm collection of the National Archives (NARA) on-line, as well as other scores of collections from all over. Some of the important National Documents that are available all the time, for free, for everyone are; American Milestone Documents, you will find images of the actual original documents of such as; The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, The Gettysburg Address, and other famous documents in American History right up to The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

Then you will find several other collections that are totally free, such as; 135 volumes of The Pennsylvania Archives, American Colonization Society Papers, the Amistad Federal Court Records, Constitutional Convention Records, Continental Congress Papers, Custer’s Court Martial, Lincoln’s Assassination Papers, and that’s not all. There are many more totally free collections. I just noticed that some of the New Hampshire Town Records are now coming on and they also are free.

Our recommendation is to go there, take a look. See if it something that you will use, we think you will, and then make the decision later as to subscribing or not. Footnote does offer unyg readers a seven day free trial for all of the collections of data and features that they provide, with no limitations on the amount that you can look at.

We have written about footnote in previous Blogs such as here.

We believe it is one of the better bargains on the Internet for Historians and Genealogists.

Start your Seven Day Free Trial to Footnote here.

Note: update August 1, 2008. Footnote is approaching 60 million online digitized documents. Here is a link to see what types of things would be available for genealogists and historians. Footnote Index . Without a doubt, Footnote is the Best Genealogy Bargain on the Internet. (Dick Hillenbrand)


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4 Responses to “Free Data at Footnote”

  • TERRY:

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I subscribed. I figure if I sent for only a couple of Revolutionary War Pensions from the National Archives, then I would more than pay for subscription to footnote.

  • unyg:

    That’s a good point Terry. Not only is it a pain to use the NATF 85 form, and the long wait, and the expense, but you don’t even know if you have the right person’s pension file until after you read it. Another thing, the photocopies from NARA are no where near as high quality as the digital images that you can download from footnote. Thanks for the comment. (Oh, and you can tell instantly if you have the right soldier or not.)

  • Anonymous:

    Please send me the Methodist Circuit Rider booklet

  • unyg:

    To Annonymous.

    The Methodist Blog was on a different page and I would be happy to send the Abner Chase Index and biography link, but I do not have your email address.

    Please send me an email to nygenes at gmail dot com and I will send you the Methodist info.

    Dick Hillenbrand

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