Save a Rubber Tree. Don’t wear out your Sneakers.

This is not genealogy related, but should be of interest to any computer user.

Here is a very handy gadget, FREE (my favorite word,) that will save you a lot of time and trouble. The Internet Clipboard. is a website where all you do is register, get a user name and password, and then you can share files between any computers of your choosing through the Internet.

Here at Upstate New York Genealogy we keep a bunch of little USB thumbdrives laying around, and when we need to transfer one file to another, save it to the thumbdrive, insert drive in other computer, open the file, easy right? (Oh did I tell you that I hate installing ethernet networks?)

Well to the rescue! Get your user name and password as described, then all you have to do is enter a url that looks like this:[nameofyourfile]/

A window opens, and you paste in anything you want to up to 2 Megs in size (at this writing,) click SAVE and you are done. Open that same url from any other computer and there is your file!

Painless and no more sneaker net to boot! tells us they are working on new features, possibly larger files, and more, so tune in, drop out, (oops, that is taken.)

Tell us what you think. If this is helpful to you, tell others by leaving a comment on this Blog.

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