Seneca County Historian’s Website and the best description of the Military Tract

The Seneca County Historian, Walter Gable, explains in plain English, just what the Military Tract was, how it was formed, how the Townships were named, who some of the early settlers were, and a whole lot more than you ever thought you knew about it.

The Military Tract was a large portion of Central New York that the State’s Legislature purchased from the Indians and made available to soldiers that served in the American Revolution from New York, (only.)

Mr. Gable goes into an easy to understand explanation of how it was laid out, surveyed and settled. He explains that very few of the original Patentees actually settled on the Lots that they were awarded by ballot, and there was a very high degree of problems with fraudulent sales, squatters, unclear titles and so on.

You will find this excellent report and dozens of other very well written and documented articles written by Mr. Gable on the Seneca County Historian’s website at

Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy

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