Like Good Looks and Money, you just can’t have enough books.

We have discussed used and new book vendors before, and now we are recommending those from Amazon.

After purchasing many books through Amazon, we have never had a bad experience through ordering on-line.

Here are just a few suggestions from Upstate New York Genealogy:

By clicking on any of the books above you can go to their main catalog and search for any books you might be able to think of.

Now in case you need to make a New Years Resolution, here is a very good one to consider. “I’m GOING to catalog my genealogy library!”
Now there is an excellent place to do just that, on-line, and EXTREMELY easy!

Check out All you have to do is type in some key words from the title, or the author, and a very handy catalog entry is all made out for you. Click on the entry you want and then go on to the next book. Simple eh?

Dick Hillenbrand

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