Some Deaths of Onondaga County Pioneers in the Years 1869 and 1870.

Extracts from: “Second Annual Meeting of the Pioneer Association of Onondaga County,” published in “The Historical Magazine,” Vol. III, OCT 1870.
(Transcribed by Dick Hillenbrand, Upstate New York Genealogy,
(It is unknown by the transcriber if other editions or annual reports are available, this copy was downloaded from

…Pages 234 through 245,

Report of the meeting, letters from pioneers…

Pages 246, 247,

Necrology [from previous year, since last meeting.]

In Detroit, Mich., Col. Alexander H. REDFIELD, formerly of this County, died Nov. 20, 1869, aged 64 years.
Asa BINGHAM, died January 1870, aged 91 years.

Asa EASTWOOD, died February 25, 1870, aged 89 years. He was a resident of the County fifty-four years.
Mrs. Hannah BROUGHTON, died July 28, 1870, aged 78 years.
Enchil DENNIS, died August 1870, aged 79 years.

John PHILLIPS, died September 22, 1869, aged 72 years.

Mrs. Sarah MOREHOUSE, died in Lockport, Dec. 27, 1869, aged eighty years. She was the second female child born in this County.
Mrs. Nancy SHERWOOD, died Feb. 21, 1870, aged seventy-four years.
Mrs. Thomas SEELEY, died June 1870, aged seventy-seven years.
Mrs. Theodosia WILCOX, died 27th July, 18[7?]0, aged sixty-nine years.

Caleb BROWN, died 30th July 1870, aged sixty years.

Mrs. Frances CLARK, died 7th Sept. 1869, aged eighty-three years.

Morris CLAPP, died Oct. 16, 1869, aged 69 years. He was a resident of the County fifty-five years.
Ichabod SMITH, died Dec. 22, 1869, aged 100 years, 9 months, and 12 days. He was in the County sixty nine years. He felled the first tree and helped build the first log-house in the town. He was present at the meeting of this Association one year ago.

Reuben LOTHRIDGE, died Aug. 2, 1870, aged 69 years.

Samuel G. CLARK, died September 31, 1869, aged 70 years.
In Little Falls, Miss Sarah ALEXANDER died September 25, 1869, aged 78 years. She was a former resident of this County.
Miss Rebecca ADAMS, died Ocober 16, 1869, aged 79 years. Miss ADAMS was the daughter of John ADAMS, who formerly kept the Stage House Tavern at the Valley, and was one of the oldest citizens of that village. She was the sister of Richard ADAMS of this City.
Miss Rebecca HIGBEE, died November 26, 1869, aged 87 years.
Samuel G. WOODRUFF, died Dec. 15, 1869, aged 95 years. He was in the County 82 years.
Sterling LANSING, died Dec. 18, 1869, aged 77 years.
Horace HITCHINGS, died Jan. 8, 1870, aged 59 years.
At Onondaga Castle, Feb. 1, 1870, Jacob FARMER, better known as Jake, one of the principal Chiefs of the Onondaga Indians.
Mrs. Minerva GOODWIN, died March 7, 1870, aged 66 years.
Olive SAMPSON, died March 15, 1870, aged 78 years.
Cicero BARKER, died June 22, 1870, aged 76 years.
Giles CORNISH, aged 82 years, in County 68 years.
George LOOMIS, aged 82 years, in County 65 years.

Gerared SMITH, died August 18, 1870, aged 90 years. He came from Connecticut, and lived 75 years on the farm on which he died.

Miss Barbara PHILLIPS, died Oct. 11, 1869, aged 73 years.
[Houkiat(?)] GOODRICH, died March 31, 1870, aged 79 years.

Miss Lucy HATCH, died the 28th of June, 1870, aged 78 years.

Samuel WILSON, died July 30, 1870, aged 69 years.
Isaac VAN WORMER, died June 18, 1870, aged 88 years.
Mrs. VAN WORMER, died June 22, aged 78 years.
Daniel VAIL, died July 1870, aged 76 years.
William C. GARDNER, died Aug., 1870, aged 69 years.

D. D. NORTON, died Aug. 2, 1870, aged 72 years.
H. N. HOWE, died Aug. 26, 1870, aged 72 years, resided in this County all his life.

Mrs. McCARTHY, widow of Hon. Thomas McCARTHY, died the 12th of September, 1869, aged 72 years.
Gad. M. LAWRENCE, died the 12th of September, 1869, aged 72 years.
Mary HODGES, died October 18th, 1869, aged 73 years.
Roger BILLINGS, died October 21st, 1869, aged 74 years, resident of this County 30 or 40 years.
Jane McDOUGALL, died October 21st, 1869, aged 84 years.
Mrs. Harriet LEE, died October 27th, 1869, aged [?]5 years. She was the daughter of Maj. Asa DANFOTH, and grand-daughter of Gen. Asa DANFORTH, one of the first white settlers in this County.
Mrs. Tacy FARGO, died November 9th, 1869, aged 70 years.
George B. PARKER, died November 18th, 1869, aged 58 years.
Mrs. Amy PORTER, died December 17th, 1869, aged 67 years.
Mrs. Paschal D. THURBER, died January 19, 1870, aged 62 years.
A. B. F. ORMSBEE, died January 20, 1870, aged 65 years.
Dr. James C. STUART, died March 25, 1870, aged 65 years.
Gen. Wm. H. MOSELEY, died April 3, 1870, aged 74 years. He was a resident of the County fifty-two years.
Willitt HINMAN, died April 10, 1870, aged 66 years.
Adonijah ROOT, died April 14, 1870, aged 69 years.
In Burr Oak, Mich., Willett RAYNOR, died May 23, 1870, aged 71 years.
Mrs. Miles W. BENNETT, died June 30, 1870, aged 66 years.
E. F. WALLACE, died August 15, 1870, aged 78 years, in County forty-five years.
Mrs. Frances BOTTOM, died August 17th, 1870, aged 90 years.


Note: transcriber has no further information and suggests if anyone is interested, that they should download their own free copy from Google. There is a lot of early history associated with this article.

Dick Hillenbrand – Upstate New York Genealogy –

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    Don’t know any of them, but that was nice to read anyway! Thanks Dick!

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