Update on HistoricMapWorks.com

This is an update on HistoricMapWorks.com. Read previous Blog here:

This is a subscription site, however some of the features may be checked before subscribing. Their company seems to primarily be in the business of selling map reprints, however their county atlases and wall maps can be viewed and zoomed in on to locate your ancestor’s place of residence.

These scans are gorgeous and very high quality from the original documents, most are in original color. There are competing services being offered on-line now, however some of those are of black and white reproductions of these same maps and the quality is quite a bit poorer than the ones offered by historicmapworks. I use these maps all the time to locate families of interest and then pay particular attention to their close neighbors, as chances are pretty good that you will find that they married neighbors, and often other family members live nearby.

Their very fair subscription rates are a bargain.

Here is an announcement from their business department:

We just hit 50,000 maps online and are quite excited about starting work on getting all the illustrations of farmstead and family portraits which originally came in the atlases up as well. We have about 100,000 illustrations alone to put up in the future. NY atlases generally don’t have illustrations in them, however midwest atlases like Iowa below have many. Any atlas with the little icon of a man in silloette next to it, has an illustrations tab within. These are searchable by family name


Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy

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