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And then there was ANOTHER spectacular Newspaper Database on-line! – It’s FREE! Just get an account by filling out the membership form, and give them your email address and they will send you a password immediatley.

OK, OK, so they are not too heavy yet on New York State, see below, but what do you want for free? It is a world-wide collection and will be growing leaps and bounds.

It appears to me that you can only search on individual newspaper collections instead of just one master input, but I could be wrong and I have not yet given it a good shake down cruise. The quality of the few papers I did check were very good.

Talk it up please, all the Buzz helps.

List of the only NY papers available, (so far.)
New York State:
Mackenzie’s Gazette New York City (1838 – 1840) 583 papers
New York Examiner New York City (1843 – 1843) 28
Volunteer Rochester (1841 – 1842) 139

Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy


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