Back from Thanksgiving Holiday – Ancestral Manor Teleconference (tonight) (FREE)!

Well we are back from a gorgeous Holiday get together. We stayed at a private resort cabin down in Yates County in the Finger Lakes Region, and it was fabulous! We had about 20 people and eight dogs, a log home on a small lake, big fireplaces, lots of board games and no computers! I did not even experience withdrawal symptoms which surprised some. Our new Springer Spaniel, Riley, decided that the ice on the lake was meant to jump through in order to go swimming, no problem. He went in several times and would come up to the door with icecicles hanging from his eyebrows and chest hair, but he loved it anyway!

Last night we got home just in time to sign up for a tele-conference put on by Ancestral Manor. The conference was on using maps in genealogical research. It is a real neat idea and you can listen to or talk to all of the other members of the conference at the same time, with the host/moderator leading the program.

They have another one tonight at 8pm Eastern time about the legislation regarding Vital Records and the anti-terrorism laws that will be going into effect nationwide. You are all invited to attend and it is totally free. Just go to their sign up page and though it looks like you are purchasing something, there is no charge, no credit card needed, just use the order and shopping cart checkout to apply for an account and the invitation and telephone number and account number will be sent to your email. Sign up early and let’s see if we can get some readers of the Upstate New York Genealogy website as participants.

Here is the link that describes the conference tonight and then all you have to do is register. Absolutely no charge for the service but you may have to pay for the long distance phone call if you do not have some kind of telephone with free long distance.

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