United States Anti-Terrorism Law Orders All Vital Records Offices and All Libraries in the U.S. that have Information on Names of People and Dates of Births, Deaths and Marriages Newer than 70 years ago, to Cease and Desist, FROM THIS DAY ON!

This includes all on-line research sites like, Ancestry, Genealogy, and even the Mormon Church! The government is now looking into how to erase all of the information that is on the Internet that is newer than 70 years old also.

The State of Vermont is the first to be hard hit with this new law. The Green Mountain Boys (and Girls) that live in that gorgeous state are in a quandary. They want terrorism stopped, but not at the cost of giving up their rights. For those of you who know and those that might not be aware, the State of Vermont is populated by very hard working, and many God fearing and trusting souls, that have had totally open Vital Records (to date), in all of the Town Clerk’s Offices and at the State Vital Records Office in Montpelier. You used to be able to obtain a copy of any Birth Death or Marriage record as soon as it was filed.

One other thing is that Vermont is an International Border State with a not too tight border, (but don’t tell anyone.) The Federal Government is afraid that Osama Bin Awful might slip across the border in the dark of night, go right to Montpelier and obtain a new identification of say, Ichabod Beasley Crane, and then he would be free to travel throughout the country doing what ever terrorists do.

All of the above is false of course, other than the fact that Vermont is going to have to close their records for 70 years and you can read about the whole story in the Burlington Free Press today.


It was pointed out to me that the shortcut URL to the LDS digitized books catalog at BYU is: . This will make it easier than going to the home page and clicking through all of the tabs.

The new website at is working real well and other than tweaking a few things here and there, and adding new content, we are good to go! Hope you all visit it often.

I am working on a good method to post pages full of photographs and images, mostly from postcards, of Upstate NY scenes. I have access to about 100,000 postcard images and think they will make an excellent addition to the website and to help you better put some meat on the bones of your ancestors. I will put up a notice when we start to bring them on-line, and be patient because I only have a small handful of them scanned to date. This is likely to take all winter to put up enough to be helpful to you.

The RSS feeds are working now and for those of you that know what that is about you are welcome to subscribe to them now. If you have no idea what I am talking about just wait a while and I am going to write an easy to understand description of what they are and how easy it is to use them.

I am working on vol.1, no.1 of the “Newsletter of the Upstate New York Genealogy Website (UNYG)”. There is a subscribe box on the website and it will be free for now.

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