Dr. Sanford SMITH – Seth CHASE – OCD – Wallomsac Patent

Still don’t have the photo thing figured out. Now I have them on my webpage but don’t know how to find them. Still working on it.

Have been updating files on Dr. Sanford SMITH and his wife Priscilla (WHIPPO) SMITH of White Creek and later at Cayuga Co., NY. They used to live immediately across the street from Seth CHASE on Cobble Hill Road in White Creek and they are the direct ancestors of both Presidents George BUSH. This WHIPPO family also ties into the OCD through the LAWRENCE Family. Col. Bigelow LAWRENCE from Connecticut to Shaftsbury, Vermont and then to Marcellus, Onondaga Co., NY., had a very large family, mostly male and they mostly all served in the revolution or the war of 1812. Rufus LAWRENCE, a son, married Jane (WHIPPO) presumably a sister of James and Priscilla WHIPPO.

Received an extensive update of CHASE descendants from Nancy Ward of Syracuse. Will be posting the additional information on my website when I get time.

Have been working quite a bit on Goldsboro BANYAR and William BANYAR, and the Walloomsac Patent in Bennington, White Creek and Hoosick.

5 Responses to “Dr. Sanford SMITH – Seth CHASE – OCD – Wallomsac Patent”

  • lawrence:

    I just came across your post. My father was Don Lawrence Jr. and my grandfather was Don Lawrence Sr., both direct descendents of Col. Bigelow Lawrence.

    Linda Lawrence

  • unyg:

    Thanks for getting in touch. I will looking forward to trading information on this LAWRENCE family.

    Wow, I just realized this original post is three years old. Guess it pays to advertise!


  • unyg:


    Please contact me directly through email because I can not respond directly through this Blog comment area.

    You will find my email address on my main website at http://www.unyg.com.


  • Wayne Smith:

    I am Wayne R. Smith my dad is Richard , his dad is Raleigh Smith, His dad is George, His dad is Nelson who married maria roach, Nelsons dad was Lawrence Smith who married a Hannah saxbury , I have Lawrence dad as Sanford Smith and then on back to bland, where the name change occured.. do you indeed have any information on a son by the name Of Lawrence around 1790 , this is the tree that was left me , but I can not find some missing links… any help would be great. thank you . Please email if you can …

  • nygenes1:

    Yes, I do show a Lawrence as son of Dr. Sanford SMITH and Priscilla (WHIPPO). I will email you later. Dick Hillenbrand

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