Duffy Duke-em-boy

Sad day at our house.

Our wonderful English Springer Spaniel, Duffy (1990-2005) came home from the vets very lethargic, couldn’t stand and was panting rapidly. The doctor’s test showed that he had a large tumor in his lungs and his liver was about three times the size it should be.

The vet said there was nothing he could do but to take him home and make him comfortable. He laid on the kitchen floor so I made a bedroll next to him and just held him and talked to him.

About 1:30 am he got up and went into my office next to my chair, his favorite spot, laid down and died.

He was loved greatly and was always a happy traveler, having gone across the U.S with me three different times and was in just about every one of the lower 48 states.

Duffy Duke-em-boy, as my Grandson Tully called him will always be remembered as a GREAT DOG!

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