BAKER / CHASE / PICASA 2.0 / System crashing

Sent a couple of BAKER queries out to Thomas Dunne and John Komar.

Wow! Hit the jackpot. Tom Dunne, Michelle Burke. John Komar, and others have been doing a serious study of the BAKER families.

Tom sent me a ton of material on his Samuel S. BAKER line and I have to spend some time to absorb it. This might lead to a breakthrough on my Elizabeth BAKER of Shaftsbury, VT., that married Daniel CHASE (1755-1838).

Wow! Michelle Morristte-Burke also got in touch and sent a huge update to the STEVENS/BAKER/CHASE lines which changes several lines that have previously been reported in the decendency of Daniel CHASE’s daughter Sarah CHASE, who evidently married a different Allen STEVENS than the Allen R. STEVENS previously reported. I will be pouring over all of these materials for some time and attempt to correct my Seth CHASE posting on my website.

My system has been crashing lately when attempting to do heavy disk activities at the same time, such as virus scan and write to CDROM. I have run several anti-virus programs and Spyware /Pest patrol type utilities and nothing too serious has been discovered. Perhaps a new hard disk is called for?

At the suggestion of Google and after reading a review on eogn about Picassa 2.0 I installed it and am amazed with the images and maps I found on my hard drive that I had totally forgotten about. Will be working with that for a while also.

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